Global Firepower Index 2021: India Ranks 4th In The List

by Shatakshi Gupta
Indian army was trained for surgical strike

The Global Fire Power Index 2021 has released, which records the military strength of 138 countries around the world. In this, India, while retaining the previous ranking, stands at the fourth position. The first, second and third places are captured by United States, Russia and China respectively. India’s power index rating is 0.1214. India is followed by Japan, South Korea, France, Britain and Brazil.

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Pakistan’s rank improved significantly

Pakistan, ranked 15th in the previous year, has jumped five places to join the top-10 military powers. Pakistan is the only country among the top-15 countries, whose ranking has increased. In the face of rising inflation, this military boom shows that the neighbouring country has only increased the strength of the army, without giving heed to other developmental needs. Notably, the Pakistan has overtaken Israel, Canada, Iran and Indonesia.

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The Index prepare ranking based on 50 factors. This includes everything from military strength to financial, logistical potential, development status and geographic strength. The ranking comes at a time when tensions with India’s neighbours China and Pakistan are at its peak. India is facing a threat of two front war.  Recently, the Air Force of China and Pakistan conducted a joint exercise to overpower the Rafale fighter jet of India.

Pak’s strength increased with the help of China

 According to retired Major General PK Chakraborty, this ranking is based on technical skill and digitization rather than just numbers. Despite economic restrictions, Pakistan is buying weapons incessantly from China.  These include the JF 17 fighter jet, submarine, tank, gun and multi-barrel rocket launcher.

Pakistan’s declared defence budget is 92,500 crore rupees ($ 12.5 billion). This is 3.98% of its GDP, which is very high. It is China who is helping to improve the infrastructure by giving it nuclear technology. Due to all this, Pakistan, which has gathered huge army and paramilitary, has been able to beat other countries in the ranking. India is well aware of the efforts of Pakistan.