Weekly Update: Top 10 International News Of This Week

by TrendingNews Desk
  • Antarctica’s Biodiversity, according to new research, more needs to be done to protect the Antarctic ecosystem, and if nothing is done, up to 97% of Emperor Penguin species with land-based populations may become extinct by the year 2100. This was revealed in a new study. The study also discovered that only US$23 million per year would be sufficient to implement ten key strategies to reduce threats to Antarctica’s biodiversity.
  • The government of the United Arab Emirates, or UAE, has made a significant decision to promote trade in the country. This means that government employees who want to start their own businesses will be able to take a year off. They will continue to be paid half as much. In July, UAE Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum introduced the concept for the first time. Its goal is for residents of the UAE to try their hand at doing government jobs so that other people can get jobs in the country and the economy benefits.
  • The first case of a ‘brain-eating amoeba’ has been discovered in South Korea, creating panic. This disease is said to be extremely lethal. The ‘brain-eating amoeba’ consumes people’s brains. The disease has been confirmed by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA). This is South Korea’s first case of this disease, and the victim died in the hospital. According to KDCA, a 50-year-old man returned to Korea on December 10 after a four-month stay in the Southeast Asian country. He was then taken to the hospital the following day, where he died last week. He was infected with Naegleria fowleri, according to KDCA. It is a disease that wreaks havoc on the human brain. This is referred to as the brain-eating amoeba.
  • Because of Corona, the situation in China is deteriorating. As a result, Taiwan has made the RT-PCR test mandatory for passengers returning from China beginning January 1. Beginning January 5, all passengers arriving from China will be monitored in the United States. People will be required to provide a negative corona test, proof of nationality, and proof of vaccination. On the other hand, according to a Japan Times report, 438 people died in the country on Wednesday, with over 2 lakh 16 thousand cases reported. Of these, maximum 20 thousand 243 cases were found in the capital Tokyo. According to the Corona worldometer, there have been 66 crore 30 lakh 12 thousand 618 cases reported worldwide.
  • Former Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen was recently sentenced to 11 years in prison by a Maldivian court. Yameen was convicted of corruption and money laundering. Yameen was found guilty of the charges and fined $5 million by the court. Yameen was found guilty of accepting a bribe in exchange for the lease of a government-owned island by the court. Yameen served as President of the Maldives from 2013 to 2018. He was defeated in the 2018 election. Yameen, on the other hand, has been named the Progressive Party of Maldives’ presidential candidate for the 2023 elections.
  • In Nepal, opposition parties CPN-UML and other smaller parties have backed Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, chairman of the CPN-Maoist Centre, who has become Nepal’s Prime Minister for the third time. It was agreed to form the government under the leadership of ‘Prachanda’ at a key meeting of the opposition CPN-UML, CPN-Maoist Centre, Rashtriya Swatantra Party (RSP), and other smaller parties led by former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.

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  • Bomb Cyclone has been unleashed on America by Arctic Blast. Life in America has come to a halt due to the weather. The roads are closed. The communication service has been disrupted. It’s getting cold outside. The temperature has dropped to minus 57 degrees Celsius. In many places, three and a half feet of snow has frozen. The winds are so strong and cold that they have frozen the bones. Cold winds are blowing in from the Arctic, or the North Pole. The temperature is rapidly dropping. Temperatures are well below average across most of the United States. During the day, the temperature remains at 11 degrees Celsius in some areas. While the temperature has dropped to minus 57 degrees Celsius in some areas at night. Plains areas such as the upper Midwest and the Great Lakes have received snowfall warnings.
  • The Spanish parliament’s lower house approved legislation allowing people over the age of 16 to change their legally registered gender without the need for medical supervision. According to legislation drafted by the centre-left coalition government, minors aged 14 to 16 must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians, while those aged 12 to 13 require a judge’s permission to move. Would be necessary. The law also repeals a prohibition on same-sex couples registering their children under both parents’ names, as well as the use of so-called conversion therapies to suppress sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • On December 21, the United States announced that it would provide Ukraine with its flagship Patriot missile defence system. The Patriot missile system would be part of an additional $1.85 billion in aid to Ukraine, according to the White House. Ammunition for military vehicles, mortars, HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System), and small arms are also included in the package. The announcement of aid coincides with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to Washington to strengthen bilateral military ties. According to the Biden administration, Ukraine will receive $1.85 billion in military aid, including the Patriot missile defence system. Patriot is regarded as one of the world’s most dangerous missile defence systems.
  • On Thursday, Russia launched 120 missiles from the sea and the sky at Ukraine. These attacks occurred in seven cities, including the capital of Kyiv. Three people have been reported injured, including a 14-year-old girl. Previously, on November 15, Russia launched 100 missiles against Ukraine. Two of these occurred in Poland. Russia has launched cruise missiles, according to Ukraine’s Air Force. The attack also made use of operational drones. On Thursday morning, an air red alert was issued in several Ukrainian cities. In an appeal to citizens, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said to stay in bunkers until the airstrikes stop.