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Why people do rape with dead bodies? 

by Madhvi Bansal
Rape with dead bodies

Sexual addiction can sometimes takes the most aggressive form in people often insist them to commit crimes. Such people can physically abuse someone or commit rape.  Sometimes, the condition gets too worse that people don’t think even to rape dead bodies. The act of sexual activities with dead bodies is called Necrophilia. Many cases have been reported from different parts of the world about the rape with the dead bodies. Serious punishments are there in laws of different countries for this deadliest crime.

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Reasons for involving in sexual acts with corpses

 Individual criminal has his own reason for getting sexual with the dead bodies.  Some of the common reasons which have came into the limelight for raping the corpses are:

  • Desire to possess a non-resisting and non-rejecting partner: Sex addicts often want to get extreme during sexual activities in order to achieve orgasms or sexual satisfaction. Thus, there are high chances that their sex partners resist or reject to get involved into sexual acts. Hence, out of the desire to possess a partner who doesn’t resist or reject, they rape the dead bodies. 
  • Sexual attraction to corpses: Some necrophiliacs have the sexual attraction to the dead bodies. Therefore, when they see a dead body, they just want to get involve in sexual act either passionately or forcefully.
  •  Reunion with the dead partner: Romantic necrophiliacs are the people who are unable to accept that their partner is dead. Hence, they keep the corpse of their dead partners and believe them to be alive. This led them to get into the sexual acts with the dead bodies.
  • Seeking self-esteem by expressing power:  Person who has been rejected by someone to whom he/she is sexually attracted often affects the self esteem of the person. Questioning on the sexual abilities of a man also compels him to express power through rape. People with such obsession don’t even step back to commit rape with homicidal victims.  Homicidal necrophiliacs are the person who commits murder in order to perform sex with dead bodies. 

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There are opportunistic necrophiliacs as well who are actually not a regular necrophiliacs but don’t fail to take the opportunity when it arises to commit rape with a dead body.

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