China Using Hybrid Warfare Against India; A Report Says China Was Watching 10000 Key Indians Including PM And CJI

by Shatakshi Gupta

Amid the ongoing tension in Ladakh, China has launched a new war to win over India without firing a single bullet.  This war is the same as Russia did to annex Crimea.  China is monitoring 10,000 people and organizations, including President Ramnath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Justice of India. In this nefarious plot of China, its partner Chinese company Zenhua Data Information Technology Company Limited (Zhenhua Data) was giving information.  With the help of Big Data, this Chinese company has launched a ‘Hybrid Warfare’ against India.

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 According to the report of the Indian Express newspaper, the Chinese government-linked company is located in the city of Shenzhen, China.  The database of this Chinese company includes 10,000 people and organizations from India.  The company works for ‘Hybrid Warfare’ and ‘Comprehensive Rejuvenation of China’ using Big Data.  The goals that this company identified for real-time surveillance in India were huge.  Let’s know what is Hybrid Warfare and what is the dangerous intention of China against India.

Chinese company’s dangerous plot against India

 The Chinese company takes on politics, government, business, technology, media and civil society.  The company claims that it works closely with China’s intelligence agency, military and security agencies.  This Chinese company closely monitors each step of its target in the digital world.  Through this it prepares an ‘information library’ in which the content is not only kept as a news source, a forum but also documents, patents, recruitment posts are kept. 

The important thing is that this Chinese company also creates a database of connections with each other in which records of relationships with people, institutions and information are kept.  The purpose of preparing this huge database is to find out what is going on in the public mind.  The Chinese company analyzes on social media the comments of its followers on a post of its target and how many likes are coming.  Apart from this, the Chinese company keeps on tracking its geographical location with the help of artificial intelligence when it reaches its target.  Experts say that there is a dangerous motive behind the gathering of such data.  This is the ‘hybrid warfare’ in which the Chinese company describes itself as an expert.

 What is hybrid warfare and what does China want?

 In early 1999, the People’s Liberation Army of China devised a strategy for hybrid warfare called ‘unlimited warfare’ under which violence was to move from the military to the world of leaders, economies and technology.  The masterminds of this new war were Colonel Qiao Liang and Colonel Wang Shiangsui from China.  Under Hybrid Warfare, China is increasing social animosity in its enemy country, disrupting economic activity and hollowing out institutions, tarnishing political leadership and its potential.  A top cybersecurity expert said that after Russia’s success in Crimea without a war, now every other country is now using hybrid warfare.  However, no one has used it more extensively than China.  China used it extensively in Hong Kong.  Banning the Chinese app will not have any effect.

China’s strategy is to defeat the enemy through information, image management and propaganda.

There are also reports that China is engaged in collecting highly sensitive military, intelligence and economic information from the US and Europe through social media.  For this, the Chinese company does not even need to open an office in the US or any other country.  The Chinese company is collecting data by taking advantage of liberal rules of democratic countries around the world.  Experts say that the threat of surveillance of foreign nationals of China is very real.