New Vaccine Guidelines Will Be Implemented From June 21; Here Is What You Need To Know

by Shatakshi Gupta

The central government has announced to provide free vaccine to those above 18 years of age. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced this major of the government in an address to the nation. Free vaccine will be given to all citizens of 18+ from June 21. Regarding this announcement, the Ministry of Health has issued a new guideline for the vaccination program. This guideline will be implemented from June 21. So in this context, we will understand the changes going to happen from June 21.

How states will get vaccines?

 The Centre will supply the vaccine to the states based on their population, corona cases and the speed of vaccination.  Along with this, the central government has also warned the states that if the vaccine is wasted, the supply can be reduced. That is, to get more vaccine doses, states will have to do vaccination at a higher speed while doing minimum wastage.

Will the population above 18 get the free vaccine?

From June 21, if a person above 18 is taking the vaccine at the Government Vaccination Centre, then he/she will not have to pay any cost for the vaccine. However, the person will have to pay for the vaccine in private hospitals.

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What will be the cost of vaccine in private hospitals?

 Different vaccines will be priced differentlyin private hospitals. According to the Ministry of Health, COVISHIELD will be available in private hospitals for Rs 780. This is the lowest price among the three vaccines currently being given in the country. Apart from this, you will have to pay Rs 1410 for COVAXIN and Rs 1145 for Sputnik-V. This is the cost of one dose of the vaccine. Also, private hospitals can charge a maximumof Rs 150 as a service charge.

Any changes regarding slot booking?

 So far, there is no change regarding the slot booking for the vaccine through the coWin portal.  However, the government has said in the guideline that from now on, on-spot registration will also be provided at every vaccination centre. That is, if you go for vaccination without registering on the coWin portal, then you will be registered at the vaccination centre itself.

Is there any priority group?

 The central government has left the responsibility of deciding the priority of the vaccine among people above the age of 18 to the states. But for some people the priority has been fixed by the Centre. Healthcare workers have been placed at the top of this list.  After this, priority will be given to people above 45 years of age and then to those people whose second dose is left. Obviously, only after this the number of people above 18 years of age will be given the shot.

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Several other changes in the new guidelines
  • The central government will tell the states in advance how many doses they are going to get. On the basis of this data, the states will be able to make their preparations. Every district and vaccination centre will have to make public the dosage information available with them so that people do not face any problem.
  • To speed up the vaccination in rural areas, the government will help in increasing the supply of vaccine in private hospitals located in small towns and remote areas.  Information about the demand for vaccine in such hospitals will be taken from the states.
  • To promote the spirit of public welfare, the government has appealed that those who are financially capable, should get the vaccine by paying money in a private hospital.
  • Besides, the government has arranged for e-vouchers for the economically weaker sections. Through these vouchers, free vaccines will be provided to poor people in private hospitals. These vouchers will be non-transferable. That is, the voucher can be used only by the person in whose name it will be issued.