Justice served to Nirbhaya, Four Convicts Finally Hanged till Death

by Shatakshi Gupta

Today the famous quote “ Justice delayed but not denied”  has once again become true. Four convicts of Nirbhaya’s brutal gangrape were hanged to death this morning at 5:30 am at Tihar Jail of Delhi. Law has taken its course after 7 years 3 months and 3 days, the journey of this justice stretched very long.

After their hanging Nirbhaya’s mother said “We will continue our fight for justice for India’s daughters. Our wait for justice was painful and agonizing. We finally got justice,”

“I hugged my daughter’s photo and said. The beasts have been hanged. I want to thank everyone, the judiciary, the government for this. The courts proactively dismissed all petitions. The country was ashamed in 2012,”

Nirbhaya’s brutal gang rape, which took place on 16 December 2012 shook the conscience of the whole country. People were on the roads to demand justice for the daughter of the country. This case changed the perception of our country towards the crime of rape, people demanded capital punishment for crimes like rape. This case has caused changes in many statute books of the land. After their death, this morning people are so happy across the country.

The journey of the justice was never easy, convicts resorted to every possible loophole of the law to delay or commuted the death punishment, first they use the review petition one by one, then they file mercy petition one by one as according to the current law they had to be hanged together not one by one so they took advantage of this law. When they understood that this is not going to work, then one of the convicts claimed his poor mental health, as according to our law an unsound mind person cannot be hanged. Eventually when they exhausted all their possible lifelines then they tried to drag the matter in International Court, but nothing worked and finally today morning they met their fate. The role of President, Judiciary and media also is worth appreciating in this case, all of them took this case at utmost importance and both Judiciary and President did not take any time to reject their review and mercy petition. This case sets precedent for the heinous crime of rape.

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