These Points Will Help You In Clearing An Online Interview

by Shatakshi Gupta

Coronavirus has changed the format of many things, one of which is the interview.  According to a report, 65% of online interviews have been conducted in India since March.  Earlier our preparations for interviews were traditional, but online interviews are slightly different.  For this, you will have to prepare differently.

In online interviews, you have to do the basic preparation that you have already done.  Some new things also have to be taken care of.  Technical knowledge is most important in this because online interviews cannot be done without technical knowledge.

Even before the interviewer, the challenge is to choose the candidate from far away.  In such a situation, there are also some re-designs.  Now you do not have to change your preparation, rather it needs to be upgraded.

These things can improve your online interview:

  • Garner information about the company

 First of all, gather information about the company for you are going to give the interview.  For this, resort to the company’s website.  See Employees’ review and follow media coverage related to the company.  By doing this you will be able to gather basic information about the company. This is the best way to know about any company.  It requires attention to the key-challenge section of the company, where you will get an idea of ​​the risk factor of the company.  On this basis, prepare a plan, in which you can tell how helpful your hiring will be for the company and how.

 Why do you want to join the company you are going to interview?  Be sure to have a relevant answer ready for this question.

  • Setting up suitable lighting and angles

Lighting, camera angle and background plays an important role in any online interview.  By improving it, the appearance can be improved in front of your interviewer. Sunlight is best for good lighting. Therefore, you should look for some place where there is enough light to give an interview. When you go for an interview, fit the computer camera slightly above your eye level and tilt it slightly down.  Wear something like this that gives you confidence. Try not to have too much in your background.

  • Double-check the preparations

Start with a Wi-Fi or mobile network.  While giving interview through Wi-Fi, disconnect all other connections to that Wi-Fi for seamless interview. Besides, Keep your laptop and phone fully charged.  During the interview, do not forget to put the phone in DND or silent mode.  If possible, keep a laptop in a backup.  Do not open any other application to avoid repeated pop-ups in the computer.  Finally, check all these preparations twice, then take a trial half an hour before the interview. Sit on the edge of your seat, it will show your gesture straight.

  • Be prepared for these questions

Before the online interview, prepare yourself for some questions.  Like how much experience do you have?  What is the reason for leaving your previous job?  How much salary you are expecting?  Why do you want to join that company?  Apart from this, listen to the interviewer’s question very carefully and try to answer it in minimum words.Never avoid saying yes and okay during an online interview. Try not to repeat anything, again and again, so say your words very clearly in a semi loud sound.

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  • Explain your importance

Always keep in mind that you are not giving a resume but interview.  A good interviewer will always want to know what you know differently, which is not in your resume. You also have to bring some kind of quality inside you, which every company wants to see in its employees.