Sonam kapoor got trolled for her comments on Kashmir

by Madhvi Bansal
Sonam kapoor

Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor endured the rage of social media trolls when she revealed her views about the current status of the Kashmir region and the increasing hostility between two countries (India and Pakistan). The actress close down naysayers for “deforming and misunderstanding” her statements from current interview.

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“Guys please calm down… and get a life. Twisting, misinterpreting and understanding what you want from what someone has to say isn’t a reflection on the person who says it but on you. So self-reflect and see who you are and hopefully get a job,”Sonam said in her tweet.

Sonam Kapoor is Peshwari and Sindhi

This post came after the actress got criticism for her statements in an interview with BBC Asian Network, where she unfold the need for peace in the valley and shed light on her family’s cultural ties with Pakistan. She said that “ I am half Sindhi and half Peshwari”. Disclosing that she wasn’t familiar with the true story of the valley, due to variance in news reports, she said, “It’s heartbreaking to see where the state has arrived now and I’m very nationalist. So I think for me now it’s better to keep calm and let this time pass because even this too shall pass.”

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Sonam Kapoor also showed her displeasure over the ban of Bollywood films in Pakistan and described the consequences of such bans on artists from both sides of the border.

Provoked with her view point, many fans took to social media to hit out at the star. Some pricked fun of her comment on her like-links in Pakistan, by posting photos of her father Anil Kapoor with Dawood Ibrahim. Some even stated the actress was “anti-national”.