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Did Saudi Arabia have an inkling about the Lanka Blasts?

by Madhvi Bansal
Saudi Arabia

In the past couple of days, communications between the Saudi foreign ministry and the Sri Lanka government have suggested that Saudi Arabia may have known more than it has chosen to let on about the Easter Sunday church blasts in Sri Lanka, which killed over 200 people. Even though ongoing DNA tests have shown that the main perpetrator and mastermind Zahran Hashim has perished in the attack, it is believed now that Saudi Arabia may have been in some way involved.

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The Attack was predicted by Indian Intelligence and Sri Lanka was warned 

A few days prior to the attack, Indian intelligence had contacted the Sri Lankan government, and warned them that some terrorist organizations may be planning an attack to demonstrate their idea of Jihad. Certain members of the Pakistani High Commission in Sri Lanka were also flagged as suspicious. However, this was ignored by Sri Lanka after being termed as an attempt to drive a wedge between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 

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The attack may lead to a Civil War Between the Two Religions

Experts fear that the bombing may lead to a full-scale war between the Buddhists and the Muslims on the same scale as the former war between the Tamils and the Sinhalas, which severely crippled the economy of the country for over 40 years. Some people in Sri Lanka have also blamed India for the attack and alleged that the terrorists received training in Bangalore and Mumbai. Such claims however, are baseless and have not been proven or even substantiated yet.

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Saudi’s involvement is now being suspected

After the release of some communication between the Saudi foreign ministry and the Sri Lanka government, wherein the Saudi ambassador in Sri Lanka is being asked to ensure that the citizens of Saudi Arabia stay away from churches on Easter Sunday. In addition to this, the ambassador is also instructed to destroy the message as soon as he reads it. The message has not been denied yet by either the Saudi embassy or the Saudi foreign ministry, but at the same time there is no other proof linking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to such an attack. However, until further proof is available, conspiracy theorists continue to have a field day.

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