Support for congress blot on Kejriwal, says Sheila Dixit

by Madhvi Bansal
Sheila Dixit

Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal in an interview said that at the last moment during 2019 Lok sabha election, 13% of the muslim votes got shifted to Congress.  In a response of his comment, former CM of Delhi, Shiela Dikshit says that neither she nor her party has asked the Muslims or others to vote for Congress. It is the good records of the party and her government that insisted many people to vote for her. 

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Sheila is ready to make a comeback

Shiela Dikshit has said that there is no doubt that she and her party will make a comeback in the centre after the exit poll final results. She said people of all the religions including Muslim and Sikh are equally important for congress which does not believe in the concept of discriminating people on the basis of religion. She also emphasised that Dalits, backward classes and women of all the sections of the society has also supported Congress just because of the reflection of the records of Kejriwal’s government in Delhi. 

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Delhi Congress Chief has a strong belief to make a powerful comeback in Delhi after the poll results on May 23. After comments from Arvind Kejriwal, she said that she absolutely has no idea he is trying to say. She added that everyone has his/her right to vote for the party of his/her choice. And, if people of Delhi have shifted their votes from AAP to congress then the main reason is that they have not liked and understood the governance model of AAP. She is confident to win all the seven seats in Delhi. 

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No alliance of Congress with AAP

 In an interview a month ago, Shiela Dikshit had said that there will not be any alliance with AAP as Kejriwal had never approached her or Congress party supreme, Soniya Gandhi with the proposal of alliance. Hence, it was final from her side that there would be no such alliance in future.