Will May 23 Arrest The Dangerous Godse Phenomenon?

by Madhvi Bansal
Dangerous Godse Phenomeno

NathuRam Godse was the person who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi on January 30, 1948. He was hanged till death for his crime on November 15, 1948. Just like Mahatma Gandhi, he is a thought, a phenomenon for the future of India and humanity. He is still alive as an inspiration to achieve the goal of Hindu Rashtra. Godse is a means to reach that goal, if necessary violently, any hurdles or person that comes in the way.

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Was Godse a Deshbhakt?

Godse connotes not only a person who is dead but a phenomenon that is still alive. He has kept inspiring those who have the strong 4. belief in the justified end means. Thus, there should be no surprise when Sadhvi Pragya Thakur said that Godse was a Deshbhakt. In her own way, she was correct to an extent. Godse was recognised as a Deshbhakt as he had lived for and sacrificed his life for the nation that he believed in. Mahatma Gandhi too lived and was ready to sacrifice life for the nation like Godse however their idea of living and sacrificing life for the nation were different from each other.

Contrast between their ideologies

Gandhi always wanted to free India to become a nation that it had always been. He wanted India to be a land that is a home that respects all the religions and faith. In contrast to this, Godse always wanted to have free India to become a great Hindu Nation. The idea of uniting Hindu-Muslim was an anathema to Godse. That anathema has continued among the votaries among the people to make India Hindu Rashtra now.

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Another difference was that Gandhi’s saint like leadership has contributed to the freedom movement of India as a mass movement. However, Godse played a little role in the struggle for freedom of India. 

Third difference was that Gandhi firmly believed in non-violence and truth whereas Godse believed that uncompromising stand on the violence made the Hindu community. Admiration for Godse and antipathy for Gandhi, to a lesser or greater degree, is quite deep and widespread in the Sangh Parivar.