You all heard about the game of thrones, but have you heard about game of homes? Know here!!

by Madhvi Bansal
Game of thrones

No doubt, Game of Thrones is one of the most entertaining shows that has gained a lot of applause from the audience. People of different age groups have their own reason for watching Game of thrones. Almost everyone has heard about the game of thrones but there is one more entertaining show on the television that is getting a lot of audiences these days. The show’s name is game of house. This show is a Canadian reality television series that premiered in 2015. Its first season was hosted by Cameron Mathison while Dave Salmoni was the host for the season 2.

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 Format of the show-Game of homes

The show has a huge home renovation competition format.  Four teams of two amateur home renovators are given abandoned houses which are to be demolished.  The teams have to renovate the houses given to them to make it their dream house. The teams just get 4 weeks to renovate the house and they are supposed to live at the site while renovating the house.  At the end, the team whose renovated house gets most of the vote from the audience is announced as the winner. 

Win the exciting prizes

In each episode, the teams are given the different area of the house to renovate and transform it into a place to live in. The teams have to complete the task within the assigned time by setting the coordination with the other members of the team. Workmanship, overall transformation and design of the renovated house are seen to decide the winner. The winner wins the house which they have renovated along with a plot to put on the house. Before the final prize, small prizes are there for the teams which keep them motivated to win the big prize at the end.

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Showcase the home renovation skills

Home renovators participating in the Game of Homes get the opportunity to showcase their skills on TV. This enables them to earn a lot of respect and further home renovation projects too. Their skills for renovation and coming up with novice ideas is appreciated and often implemented to dramatically change the looks of the interiors and exteriors of the damaged property.