List of Indian actors who have suffered from Cancer

by Madhvi Bansal

The most fearful feeling in the world is to be diagnosed with Cancer.  This disease is a nightmare as every year hundreds of people die because of cancer. Bollywood celebrities are not the exception as there have been many who have suffered from cancer and died while many others are blessed that they have survived Cancer through proper treatment.

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 Here is a list of some Indian actors who have suffered from Cancer:

Sonali Bendre: This beautiful actress was diagnosed with Cancer in the year 2018.  She informed her fans that she is suffering from “high grade cancer”. This type of cancer spreads far rapidly than the other types. She went to New York for the treatment and now she is better. 

Manisha Koirla:  The famous actress of 90s was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was just 42 years. Nonetheless, she didn’t give up but went to New York for the treatment. In the year 2015, there was news from her doctors that Manisha has completely recovered and won her battle against cancer.

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Vinod Khanna: The legendry actor Vinod Khanna lost the death in the year 2017 after battling hard with advanced bladder cancer. He was the most desirable man in 70s and 80s. 

Nargis Dutt:  The actress who ruled over Indian cinema during 1940s remains in everyone’s heart for her amazing role in movies like Mother India. Nargis, mother of actor Sanjay Dutt, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. She went to New York for the treatment and returned back to India after sometime due to her deteriorating health conditions. Later, she lost the battle with cancer in 1981.

Lisa Ray: Indian-born actress Lisa Ray was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer in 2009.  She stood bold and fought brave against the cancer while remaining away from the social media. In 2010, she informed her fans that she is now cancer free after undergoing the treatment of “full stem cell replacement”.

Mumtaz: Evergreen actress Mumtaz has won many hearts with her flawless beauty and perfect acting skills. At the age of 54, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent 6 chemotherapies and 35 radiations therapies later. In an interview to a newspaper, she said that she won’t give up easily. She will fight till her last breath.