Watch & Learn: Crow throws empty plastic bottle in dustbin

by Madhvi Bansal

Social media has become a common place where now you can see the strangest things ever. In a latest video that is getting viral on internet, you can see a crow throwing an empty plastic bottle in a dustbin. The crow infact has become a latest sensation on the internet after it has proved how much he cared about the environment. This video has made the netizens to ask others that if a bird can do it then why can’t we?  Just pick your trash and recycle it.

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Crow is now a new ‘hero’ on internet

After the video got viral on Internet, people are appreciating its efforts to keep the environment clean. This video has been watched by more than millions of users on Internet. It has garnered over 1.5 lakhs likes and more than 64,000 of tweets. It has left people with questions about their own behaviours and appreciation for a particular Corvid. In the video, the crow can be seen hopping from one dustbin to another installed adjacent to each other. It has a used plastic bottle in its mouth. Then, it is seen that the crow throws the plastic bottle inside the dustbin and flies away. This was a simple act that created sensation among the people and left them stunned too as a bird was doing it.

Internet got flooded with the comments

Many tweeted about the intelligence of the crow species while there were few who compared crow’s gesture with human behaviours. Some comments from users also voices their thoughts by saying that “if a bird can then throw empty bottle in a dustbin then why can humans can do the same?”. One of the Twitter users said “Better than humans” while another one wrote, “There’s a lot to learn from the animals”. However, there were few who doubted that the crow was trained for throwing the empty bottle in the dustbin, particularly for making a video. Well, whatever they say, this video of crow has got a lot of popularity on social media. 

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