What are some contemporary social issues?

by Madhvi Bansal
Some contemporary social issues

 It has been more than six decades that India has got freedom from the British Rule but the problems that are faced by the Indians are not the less.  Being a home to billions of people from different culture, religion, social and economic background, the social issues are common in India. No doubt, India and Indians too are making remarkable achievements in different fields including science and technology, literature, entertainment, sports and many other fields but the social issues have always been obstructing for them.

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Some of the most highlighted contemporary social issues in India are:

Illiteracy, Poverty, Unemployment

 Despite the country has some great educational institutions from where students have passed out to excel in different field, the illiteracy rate in the country is not less. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, National Literacy Mission and many other literacy programs have been launched by the previous and the current government still the illiteracy rate is high. This gives rise to unemployment which ultimately increases poverty. 

Rapid urbanisation

Rapid urbanisation is another social issue that India is facing. Although, growing urbanisation is the indicator of development but it increases the problem of accommodation and traffic in the cities. Other civic facilities also get affected which created problems for the society.

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It is a shame for the nation that rape is discussed as the social issue of the country. In India, rape is a social issue. There is an endless list of the rape cases in the country in the past few years. Aruna Shanbaug Case, Shakti Mill Gang rape, Anjana Mishra Rape Case and Nirbhaya rape case are some to count on and got the massive attention in the country while there thousands of rape cases which are reported almost every day.

Domestic Violence

 It is another form of social issue that country is facing. There are different reasons for domestic violence including dowry, dissatisfaction from the partner, property and others. Domestic violence can be in the form of brutality, mental and physical torture, demoralising women, taunting etc.  Strict laws have been formulated against domestic violence. In the present time, not only the women but sometimes men are also the victim of domestic violence however the number of female victims is quite higher.  

 Quality education, awareness and morality are some of the important requirements to overcome the social issues faced by India. Otherwise, the government keeps on formulating various laws and pass rules to control the social ill that is spread in India.