WWDC 2021: Key Announcements From Apple From iOS 15 To New Features

by Shatakshi Gupta

Tech giant Apple hosted its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) tonight. The conference began with a film by the app developers. WWDC is the event where the company announces new software updates. The WWDC keynote sets the tone of what to expect from Apple from the software product perspective, be it the next iteration of iOS or macOS or watchOS. Here are the big announcements by the company.

Key announcements:
  • Apple users will be able to share health alerts and data with their family members. This could be useful in tracking the health of old parents. The company ensured that all data in transit will be encrypted.
  •  Apple is adding a new feature that can see your fall risks based on the way you walk. Several metrics are used to gauge your stability and determine your running risk. Users will get a new notification if their stability is low. The app will also have exercises to reduce your risk of falling.
  • Apple is adding more privacy-focused features. Apple is adding Mail Privacy Protection to hide the IP address that will prevent the sender from seeing when you opened the email. Apple is also hiding IP address from trackers in Safari. Apple is adding a new app privacy report to Settings. This will allow you to see how apps are using the privacy settings for which you have given them access.  Often many apps use your location, photos etc.
  • It looks like iOS is finally getting a feature like Google Lens, where it can recognize text in a photo and allow users to copy it. Live Text will allow the user to recognize text, phone numbers, links, etc. It will work on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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  •  Notifications have also improved.  You can set a dedicated mode so that messages don’t bother you.  However, very important messages can still make their way. There will also be a new focus mode, through which users can set a focus mode where they will only see notifications and alerts from certain apps during a specified time of the day.
  • Messages will get a new update. There will be a new ‘Shared with You section. Users will also be able to pin messages that they deem necessary.
  • Safari will be supported by iMac. Safari is the most powerful search platform in the world. It has amazing security.
  • macOS has been given a big update. There will be support for Face Tice, Share Play. Also, notifications can be categorized for the phone. Universal control support will be available on iPad and Mac. After this, Mac and iPad can be connected. You will be able to operate the iPad using Mac’s keyboard.
  • Apple has introduced the concept of Smart Home, which will showcase connected devices.The front lock of the house can be opened with a smartphone. With the help of Siri, users will be able to operate AC and Smart TV.
  • In Apple WatchOS, your portrait photo can be used as a watch face. Photo memory mode will be supported in the smartwatch. The photo can be retrieved from the watch. It will have the option of typing and using emoji.
  • iCloud + service has been started, which is a paid subscription service.  In this, much information including searching history can be protected with the help of a password. It has the option of Hide my Email.
  • Apple has showcased Apple Pay at the event. Users of select countries will be able to use it. The company claims that iOS 15 will provide advanced and secure online transactions than before.

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