What happens on Independence Day in India

by Madhvi Bansal
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The democracy of India gained its independence from the rule of the British on 15 August 1947. Meanwhile then every year, 15th August is celebrated by means of the Independence Day in India to honor its independence from the 200-year-old British government.

For India, 15th August is a day of her re-birth, a new start. At midnight on 15 August 1947, the British leaders handed the country back to its Indian leaders, ending a remarkable struggle that lasted years. 15 August 1947 was the historic date, on which independent India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru open the tricolor flag of the nation on the wonderful Red Fort. The day is momentous in the history of India as bringing an end to the British foreign rule in India.

15th August Celebrations in India:

Each year, India’s Independence Day is celebrated on this day by all the proud Indians. 15th August is sawed as a national holiday all over the country. Though local governments conduct the ceremony of flag hoisting all over India, the place of the main celebration is the Red Fort in the capital city New Delhi in India. The celebration starts every year with the unfurling of the tricolored national flag by the Prime Minister of the nation, followed by a televised speech. The speech commonly reflects the present condition of the nation along with the achievements in the earlier year and the future development plans. A compliment is even paid by the Prime Minister to freedom fighters of India by announcing the day as a national holiday. Post the flag-hoisting ceremony, loyal programs by children from schools based in different states is one of the main attractions. 

In northern and central cities of India, kite flying is celebrated as an event-related with Independence Day. People represent their loyalty towards the country with the use of national flags of different sizes. They beautify their clothes, cars, household, etc. with the tricolor flag. The Indians in various parts of the world also celebrate Independence Day with parades and pageants. More than a few cities in the United States have declared 15 August as ‘India Day’. Almost every school, college, university, and government organization hoist the national flag on 15 August. Nowadays, many housing complexes, clubs, societies, groups of friends, etc.