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SpiceJet Offers ‘free tickets’ to Flyers who are Traveling to Delhi for Voting

by Aditi

On Monday, SpiceJet announced that it is offering “hundreds” of “free” tickets, where the base fare will be waved out, only the taxes and other surcharges have to be paid. It will select people who want to fly to Delhi to caste the vote in the upcoming assembly elections on February 8.

The budget carrier clarified this matter and said that the participants who will be selected by the airline internal panel after completing their online registration, will have to pay all the taxes and sub charges and any additional charges incurred on the tickets.

In this initiative of the SpiceJet, the airline said that if the departure to Delhi and return to the city on the same date i.e; on February 8, all the base fare will be refunded on both the tickets. Alternatively, flyers will be offered a one-way ticket where the based fare is waived off, if they plan to fly on 7th February and return on February 8 or if they want to fly on 8 February and return on 9th February.

The flyers will have to do the registration process and the online registration for this big initiative will remain open from 31st January to 5th February. The shortlisted passenger will get the information on 6th February and will be provided a link to book the tickets where the base fare is deducted.

The airline states that the shortlisted flyers need to fly to Delhi on February 7 or February 8 to vote in the Delhi assembly election and need to upload a selfie on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles with their inked finger, and along with the #SpiceDemocracy.

“Voting is a big part of democracy and unfortunately a lot of our working population who live away from their homes is unable to exercise this right,” Ajay Sing, Chairman and Managing Director of Spicejet said. 

And further added, “Now, SpiceJet gives voters of Delhi, an opportunity like never before to fly home to cast their vote. We will fly you home from anywhere in India and your tickets will be on us. We hope that with SpiceDemocracy, SpiceJet will help build a stronger and even more vibrant Indian democracy.”

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