Sweden Riots: Massive Violent Protests In Malmo City

by Shatakshi Gupta

The right-wing activists in Sweden, burned a copy of the holy book, Quran, which led to the mass protests which turned out to be violent after more than three hundred people gathered in these protests. On Saturday, Police stated that more than 10 people were arrested in this violence which broke out in the southern city Sweden, Malmö.  These violent protests also caused many injuries to the police officers.  Around 300 or more people gathered at the scene to burn a copy of the Quran and then it took the form of violence.

As per the reports given by the police and local media, this mass scale protests and violence erupted as the evening progressed, the protesters began throwing stones at the police and even started setting fire to tyres in the streets of Malmö late Friday.  Not only this, the police also said that in addition to arson, the protesters hurled items at the rescue team, which injured many policemen.

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According to the news agency AFP, the Police spokesman, Patrick Fours, told that about 10 to 20 protesters were arrested late Friday night, who were later released.  Though, the violence was stopped till Saturday morning. But currently, it is not under complete control of the country’s administration.

The main reason behind these massive protests and violence in the southern part of Sweden was that an anti-Muslim leader who wanted to conduct a rally in Malmo was debarred from doing so by the authorities of Malmo. As the rally which was supposed to be conducted was regarding the “Islamisation of Nordic Countries”. The anti-Muslim leader was not only restricted from conducting a rally but also he is even debarred from entering into the country, Sweden for the next two years. At this decision of the authorities many right wingers came out and things became out of control specifically after the holy book, Quran was burnt.