Tim Cook delivered virtual commencement address; discussed the accomplishments of 1918 Flu survivors

by Shatakshi Gupta

On Sunday, Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered commencement address virtually to graduating students of Ohio’s state. The event had to take place on 3rd of April, but due to Coronavirus Pandemic it was deferred and took place virtually on 3rd May. In his address Cook motivated students for a bright future and reminded them and compared them with 1918 flu survivors. He was sorry for not being together at this special event but expressed his optimism and said that they will overcome this challenge soon. Tim reminded graduates of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart and poet T.S. Eliot that how they dealt with the 1918 flu and did great in their fields.

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Tim shared that he was very happy when he was hired to work at Apple. He also expressed his grief over Steve Jobs death and said “fate comes like a thief in the night. The loneliness I felt when we lost Steve was proof that there is nothing more eternal, or more powerful, than the impact we have on others”. He said that when we will look back into these days we will find ourselves lucky and also these days make us realise the importance of people in our life. Cook said “It can be difficult to see the whole picture when you’re still inside the frame, but I hope you wear these uncommon circumstances as a badge of honour. Those who meet times of historical challenge with their eyes and hearts open — forever restless and forever striving — are also those who leave the greatest impact on the lives of others. In every age, life has a frustrating way of reminding us that we are not the sole authors of our story. We must share credit, whether we’d like to or not, with a difficult and selfish collaborator called our circumstances. And when our glittering plans are scrambled, as they often will be, and our dearest hopes are dashed, as will sometimes happen, we’re left with a choice. We can curse the loss of something that was never going to be…Or we can see reasons to be grateful for the yank on the scruff of the neck, in having our eyes lifted up from the story we were writing for ourselves and turned instead to a remade world”.

Cook also asked students to think about doctors, single mother and those who are working in time Pandemic time so that others can live safely. He said “ you all have privilege to be at home, so you should utilise your time by reading and developing a perspective”. He said that every time challenges come in new way so we should also act new. At last he congratulated all of them with best wishes and said “ you are pride of your parents, grandparents and society. Now it is on you to build a better future. Congratulations to all of you, be great be well”.