Did Trump lie to Robert Mueller during investigation? — The House investigates

by Madhvi Bansal

The house democrats have decided to investigate if President Donald Trump had lied to Robert Mueller in his written answers. This issue has been raised by a housing lawyer in federal court citing that there could be possible chances of impeachment. The lawyer besides also requested the court to produce the files from Robert Mueller’s investigation that took place in July 2019.

When the investigation happened in July, President Donald Trump had decided to provide answers in written form to Robert Mueller. Besides, the president also avoided an interview with the special counsel along with his team of officials. The lawmakers in the house are keen to establish the connections related to impeachment on elections campaigns with Russia. After the report, the lawmakers also doubt if he had lied on the answers related to campaign links with Wikileaks.

The special counsel was appointed by the attorney general

Robert Mueller in his official capacity was assigned this task to supervise the investigation by forming a special counsel. This special counsel was formed by the acting attorney general – Rod Rosenstein. This council was formed by the deputy attorney general and not by the general itself as he had stepped aside from office temporarily related to a Russian inquiry. As per sources from the house, Mr. Rod stated that the special counsel will be lead by Robert Mueller, a former CBI chief, to avoid all kinds of interference during the investigation. The interferences he referred also include the White House who currently holds the office.

Mueller’s investigation on impeachment

Robert Mueller who leads the investigation on president headed the FBI for more than a decade. According to the acting attorney general, the special counsel headed by Mueller was appointed to investigate whether President Donald Trump has allowed the Russian government to interfere in the past election. The council should also find if there were any connections between the President’s election managers and Russia concerning running successful campaigns before and after he was appointed. Also, Robert Mueller should provide a detailed report in written form if there were any impeachment in the above-said aspects which is to be produced before the attorney general and the house itself.

Robert Mueller’s detailed report

Robert Mueller after his investigation has produced a detailed report — 448 pages which also include written answers from President Donald Trump. When the special counsel presented the report he stated that the report had not confirmed the direct links between Russia and Trump’s election campaigns. But Mueller’s report identified several instances where the president’s office tried to hinder the exploration. The report then went on to restate if the president had not impeached in any possible ways, the report would have produced it in the same way, Mr. Robert Mueller insisted. After the report has been done and produced, Mueller had been asked to produce the same by the house lawyers to initiate further investigations based on it.

Did Mr. Donald Trump lie?

During the Mueller’s presentation of the report in the house, the house lawmakers tried to investigate if Mr. Donald Trump had lied in his written answers. They also urged the judges to produce all the secret files about the investigation and to make them public. The lawyers also insisted it could provide a solid basis in case of any impeachment if proven he lied in his written answers.

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, was even ready to provide answers related to impeachment for Ukraine issue. He then also went on to tweet from his official twitter account that though he did nothing wrong and also not in favor of ‘No Due Process Hoax’, he is willing to cooperate and consider further investigations.

Based on his above statement to the media and the house, the lawmakers are eyeing to access the President’s written answers to Mueller and see if he had lied in any given circumstances. The reason for all the speculations started only after the report suggested that the house, on numerous occasions, had tried to stop the special counsel to investigate on its capacity. As per news sources, even before the special counsel was formed back in 2017, Donald Trump had tried to stop Robert Mueller from joining the investigation team appointed by the Attorney General. In the wake of Stone being found guilty, this case of whether the president lied in his investigation answers has gained its prominence overall in the house politics.

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