Uttarakhand CM Resigns, Know Here The Reason And Whole Political Upheaval

by Shatakshi Gupta

Uttarakhand’s Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat’s innings finally came to an end before completing his tenure. Trivendra Singh Rawat was sworn in as Chief Minister on 18 March 2017. On 9 March 2021, he had to resign from the post.

The political game which started during the budget session reached its climax on Trivendra’s tour of Delhi. After meeting the National President JP Nadda, Trivendra handed over the resignation to the Governor.

In a press briefing after his resignation, Rawat accepted and said that he has been asked to give the opportunity to someone else, so he is resigning. On the other hand, uncontrolled bureaucracy is also being cited as a reason.

What if he did not resign?

 According to the reports, 22 to 25 MLAs, angry with Trivendra Singh Rawat, had planned to jointly resign. If this were to happen, a negative message would have been sent in the upcoming five state assembly elections.  The central leadership of the BJP could not bear this risk. Given this, the central leadership ordered Trivendra Singh Rawat to resign.

The reasons which led to this upheaval


 In Uttarakhand, there was a demand for making Gairsain the capital for a long time. Meanwhile, Trivendra Singh declared Gairsain as the summer capital and presented his budget. During the budget, he announced that Gairsain would be made a commissionerate. After this, the matter started deteriorating. Besides, a lot more merger was done. The new reshuffling antagonises many MLAs.

Devasthanam Board-

Devasthanam Board is also one of the big decisions taken by Trivendra Singh Rawat while being CM. He decided to bring the monasteries located in Devbhoomi inside the board. There was also a lot of opposition. The monks and saints protest heavily against this. It is believed that there was a lot of resentment within the BJP about this decision. 

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His Image

It is believed that the image of Trivendra Singh Rawat is also one of the main reasons for his resignation. According to media reports, many MLAs wrote a complaint against Trivendra Singh by writing a letter to National Speaker JP Nadda.

 In such a situation, when the assembly elections are going to be held in the state next year, the BJP wanted to avoid displeasure among its leaders. In the end, it was decided to change the face of the Chief Minister.