What is the reason behind met gala Avatars?

by Madhvi Bansal
Met gala avatar

Met gala is the nickname of ‘Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala’.  A fundraising and opening night party is organised every year on Monday in the first week of May. Every year, a theme for clothes is set for the celebs and it is a challenge for them to dress up better than the previous year.  This event is closest to the Oscar Night in the fashion world. 

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Everyone’s outfits so dramatic

 If you are wondering why everyone’s outfit is so dramatic in Met Gala then you should know it is the event related to the fashion industry. So there is every possibility to see stars in dresses of unique designs. This often enables the stars to wear outrageous dresses. In 2015, Rihanna’s   ‘omlette dress’ at the Gala was true to the theme. Similarly, Burger dress of Katy Perry in 2019 gained everyone’s attention. 

 For the people who go for off-theme or boring dress for the Met Gala event, have no option other than going home. Met Gala is all about ‘go big or go home’. Met Gala is about the exhibition of fashion. In the exhibition, statement making clothes and accessories are put on the display.  Various elements like humour, irony, pastiche, parody, theatricality, artifice and exaggeration are expressed in fashion. This insists the fashion to upgrade with every year hence the fashion stylists also think about designing the unique dresses.

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 Things that happen in the event

Met Gala is a private VIP affair and Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, is the chair since 1995.  Met Gala night includes a cocktail hour, followed by dinner party, a preview of the exhibit and a musical performance by the stars. In the past, Madonna, Katty Perry and Rihanna had been named as the best performers in the Met Gala.  Sometimes, there are cultural performances as well in the event. There is a lot of paparazzi and army of media to capture the dresses of the celebrities, who walk on the red carpet at Met Gala.