Why every planned trip fails with friends?

by Madhvi Bansal
Planned trip fails with friends

Travelling with friends is extremely fun and out of the world feeling. It relieves all your stress and adds the long lasting memories to your life. There are a lot of people who love to travel with their friends. This not only let them feel refreshed but also deepen their friendship. However, not everyone is lucky to retain their friendship after traveling with friends. A lot of people are there who have ruined their friendship on the trip. They have bitter experience while traveling with friends so many of them now prefer to travel solo.

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Keep away from friends who spoil the plan

Everybody must be having at least one friend who is a spoiler in the group. When you plan for a trip make sure that particular friend of yours is taken as a complementary on your trip. Thus, even if he/she backs out, you can still enjoy with others.

Plan fails due to different perspectives

No doubt, individual has different likes and dislikes. When it comes to planning a trip with your friends, make sure you all have the same likes and dislikes. Differences in the choices without attitude of adjusting can be the reason for spoiling your trip. 

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No one is there to plan the things

If you are planning for the trip with your friends then remember there is too much to handle. Along with deciding the location, ticket bookings, accommodation to planning the sightseeing various things have to be planned.  All of these overwhelm many people and hence they eventually end up with dropping the idea of trip. The best solution to avoid such situation is to take the service of tours and travel agents rather than planning everything yourself. 

There is a Sole decision maker

 A planned trip can also get spoiled if there is a sole decision maker in a group. Some may want to go for hill station, while some others want to go for a beach destination. There may be a few friends who want to go on a budget friendly tip.  Hence, instead of being a sole decision maker or letting someone to take all the decisions for the group, voting can help. If you are taking charge of planning everything yourself then you can’t make everyone happy during the trip thus it will surely affect your friendship.