AAP Volunteer posts EVM Hack videos

by Madhvi Bansal
AAP Volunteer

With election results around the corner and tension brimming all over the nation, controversies are cropping up everyday. Opposition is leaving no stone unturned in pointing fingers at their rivals.

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Recently, an AAP volunteer Savita Anand has shared a clip on the social media describing the tampering of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) machine during Lok Sabha Elections. Anand has roped in international media while accusing the Prime Minister of winning the elections by changing the EVMs.

Video upload on International Channel

Savita Anand describes herself as a member of AAP’s social media team and recently tweeted a video describing the EVM hack. A video embedded in the tweet also features a blonde woman anchor reading the news bulletin which states the same. The anchor is supposedly representing a channel named TNN.

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The tweet was however withheld the same day following a legal demand.

Video reported as fake

The credibility of the  video as well as the channel in the video are not clearly confirmed. The channel name appears to mimic CNN but its symbol surprisingly had a tricolor scheme close to  the Indian National Flag.

Another point of suspicion raised is that the anchor featuring in the video is reportedly a London bade actress and nothing inn her social media profile describes her relation to being  a news anchor.

When contacted, AAP’s other spokespersons and members  had no clue about the video which makes the authenticity of the video even more questionable.

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Earlier claims by AAP

This is not the first instance where AAP has resorted to social media regarding the authenticity of EVMs. In 2017, AAP’s Saurabh Bhardwaj reportedly gave a live demo in the Delhi Assembly on how an EVM can be easily tampered with. Ever since there has been an uproar in the entire political scene about the security of EVMs.

Election Commission’s response

On it’s part, the election commission has made all possible arrangements to make the entire electoral process smooth and safe. They have repeatedly assured all the political parties about the safety of the polled EVMs. The Commission stated that all the polled EVM are safely stored in strictly guarded strongrooms. Central Armed Police Forces personnel have been deployed for the same. Designated agents from political parties are also present at the strongrooms.