Top 10 Advantages of Doing Love Marriage

by Madhvi Bansal
advantages of love marraige

The amount of importance given to marriage in a different culture may vary but the basic definition of marriage remains the same. It is the relationship in which two-person agrees to share a lifelong bond with each other. Depending upon whether you have made the right decision or the wrong one, your marriage can make or spoil your life. Generally, there are arranged marriages and love marriages. Arranged marriage happens when a boy or a girl agrees to marry to a person chosen by their parents or society. On the other hand, when a person chose to marry a person whom he/she loves from the heart and knows that they can’t live without each other. Families may or may not be involved in love marriages. If you compare the mentioned two types of marriages, a lot of people stand in favor of love marriage. Here are some of the advantages that couples enjoy when they tie a knot with someone of their own choice.

Freedom to choose your own partner

In arrange marriages, the perfect match for a boy or a girl is found by either their parents or society. A person has to marry someone who is actually not chosen by him/her but by others. This keeps aside the personal choices of an individual and insists them marry a stranger or whom they have met few times only. However, when you do love marriage, you have the freedom to choose your partner. You do not fall in love with everyone you meet. Just because someone has impressed you in some ways, you start liking that person and consequently fall in love. If everything goes well then love relationship eventually turns into love marriage.

You know your spouse well

Another advantage of love marriage is that you know your spouse well unlike the arrange marriage when you have to share your life with a stranger. This makes you more comfortable with your spouse as you already know his/her choices and preferences. You already know a person with whom you want to spend all your life.

Better understanding

In love marriage, there is a better understanding between the spouses as they know and are compassionate for each other. Not everyone who do love marriage is lucky to find a compatible partner. There are many people who regret making the wrong choice while selecting the partner for life as they feel a lack of understanding between each other. Lack of understanding in the marital relationship often leads to divorces or extra marital affairs. This is the reason why people nowadays prefer love marriages, at least they are able to find a partner who actually understands and accept them as they are. The compatibility level is also high among the partners in love marriage.


A great sense of self-satisfaction is felt when you marry a person of your choice.  Selecting a  life partner is often considered as a sign of maturity thus makes you feel satisfied over the decision you have taken. Since there is no involvement of the parents so the success of the relationship also remains to the partners themselves.

Maintains social equality

The conventions of traditional marriages are now already broken by love marriages. Two individuals from different communities, castes or social groups get together to maintain social equality. Rare and unusual combinations promoted by love facilitate some excellent genetic codes. Thus, the children born out of the love marriages are emotionally, immunologically and intellectually strong. Totally new social groups are created which modifies the atrocities of the society as well. This is another advantage of love marriages.

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Promotes happiness

Marrying a person of your choice or someone whom you love gives you inner happiness. This is one of the main aspects of happy and healthy relationship. In a happy marital relationship, a person not only enjoyss the joys of life but also enjoy mental happiness which increases your lifespan. It also enables the couples to stay motivated to demonstrate a strong commitment that will put them together in a lifelong bond.

Least involvement of the families

A lot of relationships are seen broken due to the interference of someone else. In most of the cases, ‘someone’ is nobody else but a family member. This kind of situation are often not a part of the love marriages. When a person marries to someone of his/her choice, there is more trust and understanding that no one can create the room for misunderstandings. Involvement of the parents and the families too is very less which helps in avoiding family politics hence there  is no scope of dispute due to miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Bond lasts forever

A lot of people are there who may not agree that love marriages last forever. Well, this cannot be said truly for the arrange marriages as well. Nowadays, people are more clear about their choices and preferences that they do not commit to someone until they completely trust the other one or they themselves are ready to shoulder the responsibilities of the married life. Hence, people who fall in love nowadays first make up their minds to shoulder the responsibilities and commit only when they feel that the person is exactly the same that they have always dreamt of as their life partner. Those people often enjoys a long-lasting and stronger bond with their partners.

No risk factor is there

When you marry a person whom you love, life is easier for them. They dint have to struggle to impress their partner and make efforts to know each other’s likes and dislikes. In arrange marriage, over the period of time, people realize that they have completely different life goals from their partners. You can eat out, travel, watch sports and do many more activities together which you both like. You can freely express yourself without any hesitation and the risk of thinking about what your partner will think about you. Love marriage allows you to remain the same after marriage and do whatever you want.

There are many more advantages that people enjoy in love marriage. However, arrange marriage equally has other advantages.