Age doesn’t inform you when to get married

by Madhvi Bansal
Age doesn’t inform you when to get married

What is the right age to get married? This question has always been a debated one. In recent times, age factor has ceased to play a big role in the marriage area. More focus is done on the person,their personality and compatibility.

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Not everyone becomes matures at the same rate or age. It is important that you must be mature to marry but people may get “marriage ready” at different times. There is no prize for being the first to get hitched.You should do it when you are ready. 

There is no time limit or race: you should take your time to be absolutely sure.


It takes time to meet the right person who is compatible with you. It is true that much of it is luck and you should always thank your stars .Ideally,people should not look to get married but to marry the right person. Now this is determined by compatibility which involves adjustments and compromises.

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Some people are wild. You can see examples of  people who get married at 23 and end up divorced by 28? The reason may be because they didn’t have the time to live their lives separate for a while. Enjoy your 20s single,learn your lessons, become successful,look for a compatible partner and enjoy getting married. 

Social pressure should not be a reason to marry. Sure, it may be uncomfortable to be 29 and unmarried but it is a whole lot better than succumbing to social pressure and jumping into marriage with the wrong person. You are still young and dynamic. Marriage and babies can still happen when you are with the right person.

No one else knows and understands your relationship. Typically when you start looking for prospects at 22,  you will meet all kinds of people. Some marry young and some wait for the perfect time. Both are equally right if the partner they get is compatible. The bottom line is age when you marry doesn’t really have to be the deciding factor here.