Armenia And Azerbaijan Agree To ‘Humanitarian Ceasefire’; 29 Days War Killed More Than 5000

by Shatakshi Gupta

The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan has been going on for 29 days.  Both countries agreed to respect a ceasefire from midnight of 26 October. The ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan is facilitated by the USA. It was announced by US President Donald Trump and Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo.

US President Donald Trump tweeted, “Congratulations to Armenian PM Nicholas Pashinan and Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev, who agreed to effectively follow the ceasefire from midnight.  This will save many lives.  Earlier, Mike Pompeo announced a ceasefire after talking to the foreign ministers of both countries. The State Department said the Minsk co-chairs and the foreign ministers “agreed to meet again in Geneva on October 29” to seek “all steps necessary to achieve a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict”.

 Significantly, Armenia and Azerbaijan are two small countries in the world map, but between them, such a fierce war has been going on for almost a month for Nagorno-Karabakh territory.  It is being claimed that so far about 5000 people from both sides have been killed in this war. 

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 Earlier, Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other of creating hindrance for a peaceful solution.  Armenia accused Azerbaijan’s army of bombing civilian areas.  At the same time, Azerbaijan denied the charge and said that it is ready to implement the ceasefire, but first, the Armenian forces will have to leave the battlefield.

 On the other hand, the local authorities of Nagorno Karabakh have accused Azerbaijan’s army of firing artillery on the settlements in the areas of Askarene and Martuni.  At the same time, Azerbaijan has alleged that its positions have been attacked with small arms, mortars, tanks and howitzers.

There have been two ceasefire attempts in this war through Russian mediation, but both the ceasefire did not last and the fight broke out again.  Now it has to be seen how many days are the duration of the ceasefire facilitated by the USA.  It is a matter of time to see, whether  Armenia and Azerbaijan embrace the peace or will the two countries face off after a few days.