Bigg Boss 13: The Reality Behind Tehseen Poonawalla’s Eviction 

by Madhvi Bansal
tehseen ponawalla

The latest big boss eviction is a big surprise to all of us. Social activist and youth leader Tehseen Poonawalla who has made an entry into the house as a wildcard and got evicted this weekend from the house. However, the reports suggest that he wasn’t voted out but have to leave the house due to some emergency work. According to a news report organizer of the show receive the call from Tahseen’s lawyer for an urgent issue concerning him. This cost untimely eviction from his from the show despite being his fight inside the house. As per the source, Tehseen is busy with his contractual formalities and will shortly issue an official statement before going back home. 

Questions asked to Tehseen 

Reporter Tehseen poonawalla what exactly do you think went wrong inside the house? To which Mr. Tehseen said, everything was perfect, but this is how it works. Unfortunately, the situation was such that I have to come out and now when I am out, I have to be busy and what I was doing earlier so I am busy with that now.

Another question asked was that what was your take on the tensed situations at the house? In which Tehseen poonawalla said, that everything is going fine nothing was from that I just think that the game was a little bit aggressive but that’s fine and that is the way the game it is.

Staying locked inside the house must be very difficult for you what do you say? Tehseen replied, I missed my wife a lot but beyond that everything was ok. I used to be the very first person in the house to wake up in the morning and get ready in full clothes, while everyone else uses to be in their nightdresses and I never conspired or bitched about anybody in the house.

Background of Tehseen poonawalla

Nowadays a lot of people have a question in their minds regarding Tehseen poonawalla. who is he? where is he from? where is he come from? He is an entrepreneur, a civil rights activist, columnist and political analyst. Tehseen was born in May 1981 in Pune Maharashtra, he is also a Ted X speaker and life coach. Though the Indian National Congress was never quit declared any Association with him, he never even named him a member of the party. He is a follower of the party but also has a quiet openly critical for the Congress and routinely questions and criticizes Rahul Gandhi’s comments and actions. The Poonawalla brothers hail from a well of Aga khaani Muslim family. Before entering active politics, Shehzad signed him for a degree in politics and government at MIT school of government in Pune, post which he studied law and work as an intern under Congress leader Suresh Kalmadi. Shehzad then volunteered for the All India Congress Committee. In 2017, both the Poonawalla brothers help Tejaswi Yadav running a social media campaign. Tehseen had told the newspapers that I am not a member of any political party, but I do create youth volunteer initiatives on my own for liberal secular individuals and also parties like Congress Rashtriya Janata Dal. I am with everyone who is politically opposed to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sang (RSS).

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The journey of Poonawalla in Bigg Boss house

Even before entering into the house communist and political person Tehseen poonawalla made headlines with the rumors of being the highest-paid celebrities of the season. Season 13 of Bigg Boss will see the Tehseen as one of the wildcard contestants ad and news has it that is he is charging a big amount of rupees 21 lacs per week. There are also reports that Rashmi Desai was the highest-paid until now, but with the Tehseen’s entry in the house, things have changed. Initially, Salman tells Mahira is evicted from the house and as she is about to leave the house he says that he will now be politically correct. Later he said that Tehseen poonawalla is evicted from the show. Tehseen said, that an all celebrity line-up for the first reason why you agree to the part of this show.