Captain Tania Sher Gill Created a History, Become The First Woman Army Chief To Lead Men In Army Day Parade

by Aditi

Tania Sher Gill, a fourth-generation Army Chief, became the first Woman Army chief who will lead men in army day parade which was held on January 15 in New Delhi. She broke down the glass ceiling and the tradition.  Captain was the parade adjutant from the Corp of Signals.

Sher Gill has done her graduation with Bachelor’s of Technology in electronics and communications, was commissioned from Officers Training Academy Chennai in March 2017.

The Indian army is likely to recruit more women in services. According to the report of Economic Times, the first batch of 100 women soldiers in the Indian Army is about to be commissioned by March 2021.

In an interview with ET, senior Army Official told, “The training period — of 61 weeks — is similar to that of male soldiers. Batches comprising a similar number of soldiers will be trained and commissioned every year”.


The Army official said the cadre of women soldiers in the Corps of Military Police will be at a fixed number of 1,700 Corps.  This number will be achieved only after filling the corps in the batches. The training period will be of 61 weeks as same as male soldiers.

To reach the mark of 17 women soldiers in the military police, the Indian Army aims to admit 100 women soldiers every year for the next 17 years.

In 2019, the government had announced to allow women in new areas. The previous year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an announcement on permanent commission for women.

Till Present, women were only in the Officers rank in the various establishments of Army but for the first time, women will be admitted for the soldiers rank.  At present, women were only recruited for selected roles in medical, educations, legal and engineering wings and as an officer.

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