Celebrating Diwali Amid Pandemic? Read These Points Before Celebration For Happy And Safe Diwali

by Shatakshi Gupta

This year’s Diwali is not like every Diwali, the world is suffering from very severe Pandemic. So, if you are going to celebrate Diwali, then keep some points in your mind.

 It has been proven in many research that air pollution increases the risk of corona.  Above that, at this time the level of pollutants in the air increases significantly.  Which directly affects the lungs.  So celebrate Diwali but do keep some things in mind between COVID-19 and Air Pollution. We are here to help you in reminding some precautions before celebration.

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Do not use sanitizer before lighting a lamp or candle

Do not use alcoholic sanitizer at all before lighting a lamp or candle. It can catch fire and cause an accident.  Do the fire work only after 15 to 20 minutes after applying the sanitizer.  It would be better to use soap and water instead of sanitizer.

Do not ignore the ill-effects of air pollution

 Air pollution leaves a bad effect on the body in many ways.  Symptoms of respiratory diseases such as COPD, bronchial asthma begin to be severe. In addition to fatigue and headache, there may be eye, nose and throat irritation.  Air pollution also lay bad effect on the cardiovascular system. If you experience these symptoms after Diwali, consult your physician.

Protect your eyes during the celebration

Eye Experts say air pollution and fireworks smoke can cause symptoms such as watery eyes, redness and itching. Blurred vision or reduced vision may occur.  This happens because the chemicals present in air pollution directly affect the ability to form tears. It would be better to avoid going to places where there is more pollution and dust.  If it is necessary to go, apply glasses and after returning, wash the eyes with plain water.  Some eye drops also reduce the effect of pollution, you can take it with the advice of experts.

Take an immunity boosting diet

Enjoy the dishes prepared during the festival, but include foods containing vitamin-C, magnesium and omega fatty acids in the diet.  These will increase the ability to fight against diseases.  Seasonal, orange, dry fruits can be taken for this.

Take inhalers and medicines with you

Respiratory patients, especially, keep inhalers and necessary medicines with you.  Apart from this, patients who have recovered from COVID-19 and who have respiratory problems, it is better if they celebrate Diwali at home.

Follow these things to reduce the effect of Air Pollution

  • Do not let the ventilation of the house deteriorate.  Open the windows of the house frequently, so that fresh air comes.
  •  Do wear masks as a precaution.  Mask will also protect you from the effect of pollution along with the coronavirus to some extent.
  • Do not rub if there is burning or itching in the eyes.  Wash the eyes by splashing with water.
  • Pollution is more in the morning and evening, so instead of exercising in the open, it is better if you have room.