Chinese Media Once Again Tried To Threaten India, The U.S. Openly Backed India

by Shatakshi Gupta

Chinese media has been enraged at India after being beaten in the Pangong area of ​​Ladakh.  Jinping’s mouthpiece Global Times in an editorial threaten India that the Indian Army cannot protect itself from the People’s Liberation Army of China.  Not only that, the Global Times further wrote that if India goes to war with China, but the US also will not help it either.

 The Global Times wrote boastfully that if India wanted to demonstrate its military strength, the Chinese Army would be bound to do more damage to the Indian Army than in 1962.  However, the Global Times forgot that there is a big difference between 1962 and 2020.  Today, if China does any action, its army will have to face serious consequences.

 India is facing a strong China

 The Global Times further wrote that China’s military has enough power to protect every inch of the country.  Therefore, right now New Delhi is facing a strong China.  It also said that the Chinese people have shown their support to the government regarding Indian incitement.  Therefore, encroachment into the territory of China cannot be allowed.

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India and China are no match

 Chinese mouthpiece further wrote that China is many times stronger than India.  India has no match for China. It wrote that even America cannot help India in confronting China. This is not the first time that China has threatened India.  During the skirmish in Galvan, the Chinese media had spewed a lot of poison against India.

 In Pangong, the Indian army repulsed the Chinese

 On the night of 29–30 August, the Indian army killed Chinese soldiers trying to infiltrate the southern shore of Pangong Lake.  According to information received from sources, the Indian Army was alert on the border with Ladakh since the clashes in the Galwan Valley on 15th June.  Meanwhile, on the night of 29-30 August, the Chinese army tried to infiltrate the southern side of Pangong Lake with 200 soldiers and ammunition in the Pangong Lake area. 

But on the LAC, prompt Indian soldiers pushed back the enemy forces.  It is being speculated about the preparations of the Chinese army that they were intending to infiltrate the area and maintain occupation for a long time.

 America again supported India on Galwan

 The US has once again openly supported India over the violent clash that took place on June 15 in Galwan, Ladakh.  US Deputy Foreign Minister Stephen Bigan said that China was intensifying the fight on every front of its interests.  America’s strategy is to push China back on all fronts, including India’s claim of sovereignty over the Galwan Valley.  On 29–30 August China also attempted to capture Pangong Lake, which was thwarted by the Indian Army.