Prince Harry And Meghan Allege Royal Family For Racism, Unveiled Other Secrets In An Interview

by Shatakshi Gupta

The royal house of Britain was worried about the colour of Archie, the son of Meghan Markle. Meghan was upset to the extent that she had thoughts of ending her life. These are some of the statements, which are in the news all over the world. In an interview with celebrity talk show host Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess and Sussex Meghan Markle and Prince of Britain, Prince Harry, have exposed several things that could cause panic in the Royal house of Britain. This sensational interview telecasted on CBS is being seen all over the world. Let us see some of the highlights of this headline-making interview.But before going through the interview, let us see some brief background.

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The love story and marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel met for the first time on a blind date. At that time neither of them had any idea that both of them are going to spend their whole life together.

Harry and Megan fell for the love at first sight and theymarried each other in 2018. In July 2016, when Meghan Merkel was in London for some work, the two were met through a common friend. Harry and Meghan later reveal that the two did not know much about each other before the first meeting.

For a long time, Prince Harry kept away his and Megan’s relationship from the media’s glare. However, when he came in front of the media, he was overwhelmed.

Harry and Meghan left Palace and stepped down from Royal duties

The royal couple stunned Britain with an abrupt announcement in January 2020 that they wanted to step back from royal duties.It was a “leap of faith”, as per Prince Harry.He took this move in an attempt to build a more peaceful life. The life free of the journalists who have filmed, photographed and written about him since the day he was born.Harry and Meghan no longer use the titles His Royal Highness and Her Royal Highness.


The couple’s departure was a wrench for the royal family, and Queen Elizabeth II said that she wished the couple to remain full-time royals.

The royal family was concerned about the colour of Archie

Harry tells Oprah that what was happening in the palace with Meghan reminds him of his mother Diana and hefelt that history is repeating itself. Meghan and Harry also gave the good news to the world in this interview about their upcoming daughter. Meghan told Oprah that there used to talk in the palace that her son Archie would not be given the title of Prince and would not get security. People talk about his colour because Meghan is Afro-American. However, Megan did not take the name of the person.

Prince Charles and William are trapped: Harry

Harry told Oprah that he was jealous to see Meghan connecting comfortably with the people on their tour of Australia. Meghan said that she wanted to make the royal family feel proud. Harry described his father Prince Charles and brother Prince William as ‘trapped’ in the palace and said that those people could not get out of the institution in which they are born.

Meghan’s relations with Queen and Kate Middleton

Meghan tells Oprah that Queen Elizabeth’s behaviour was good with her. On their first press tour, the Queen also shared the blanket with Meghan.

However, she was kept in the Palace in such a way that Meghan compared it with COVID-19 lockdown. Meghan also defied the reports in British newspapers that claimed she made Prince William’s wife Kate cry at the wedding. Megan said that the British newspapers were engaged in forging the story of ‘Hero and Villain’.

Suicidal thoughts came to mind: Meghan

Meghan expresses her pain in front of Oprah how suicidal thoughts comes to her mind while living in the royal house. She said, “These were very clear, real and scary ideas. I could not be left alone.” Megan told that she sought help from the senior officers of the palace but was told that it would not be nice to see medical help for mental counselling.

Megan said that after marriage, her license, passport and credit card were deposited, which made her feel like a prisoner.

It was like history is repeating: Harry

 Harry also told that he felt after seeing Meghan’s condition that what had happened to her mother Diana was repeating with his wife. His fear grew from social media and apartheid tensions.  Harry said that he asked for help in the family but no one helped. Even his father Charles stopped picking up his phone. Harry reported that he and Meghan decided to step down from the ranks of senior members of the royal family, upset by pressure from the palace and newspapers. He made it clear that it was discussed with many people including the Queen.

Good relationship with Grandmother: Harry

Prince Harry made it clear that he respected Queen Elizabeth very much and he had proper discussions with queen before leaving the palace. He said that his relationship with the Queen was quite good.