China Stumbles to Coronavirus- Death toll Reaches 106

by Madhvi Bansal

This is the time of the year, where air borne viruses take over the human power to overcome them.  Human has nothing to do rather than to helplessly watch the viruses take their course. This year, the first-ever break of deadly air bore virus infection started in China, taking about 106 lives and leaving about 2,700 cases in serious conditions. The epidemic reminds epidemiologists all over the world about the previous SARS outbreak in China, killing nearly 800 people.

China, On Tuesday,, reported 25 more deaths from coronavirus attack. The virus attack was first identified at the Hubei province, and Beijing, the capital of China reported the first fatality from the disease. The US consulate is preparing to fly its people back to their country from China and Japan, France and Mongolian governments are also preparing themselves for similar evacuation actions.

Disease prevention action by China:

China continues to expand its disease control efforts by extending the holiday of the Lunar New year by three days, is an effort to keep people at home and reduce the risk of infection spread. The travel agencies in China were ordered to cancel group tours across the nation. Mongolia closed its border with China and other countries like Malaysia and Hong Kong are barring entry to visitors from the Hubei province.

English proficiency and other competitive examinations for students to apply for foreign universities were canceled by the authorities in China. The universities and schools were ordered to postpone their reopening date after the Lunar New Year holiday, until further notice.

China’s drastic containment efforts began as early as 22nd January, by suspending bus, plane and train links to Wuhan that consists of 11 million people. The lock down was later expanded to 17 cities, consisting of 50 million people. Wuhan is also building two hospitals with 1500 beds and 1000 beds capacity respectively to accommodate the growing number of patients.

The economic effect of the coronavirus outbreak:

China has confirmed more than 2700 cases of the coronavirus infection, predominantly in Wuhan. More than 40 cases have been confirmed in other parts of the world, which include tourists from China and people who have visited Wuhan. The health troll in China has affected the stock markets sharply on Monday as investors feared the outbreak could hurt the global economy adversely.

Final words:

The coronavirus causes cold and flu-like symptoms, which includes cough and fever and in the worst cases, it can cause pneumonia, kidney failure, and death. The virus has spread from wild animals sold in the markets of Wuhan. Thus it is important to refrain from eating meat and to avoid crowded places and to maintain personal hygiene to avoid disease acquisition and spread.