Common mistakes murderers do and why they easily caught by police, Know here

by Madhvi Bansal



Anger, disappointment and frustration should be managed in the right way.  Those who are unable to manage and channel these feelings often commit something destructive either to them or others.  Some of the people end up with violence especially they murder the person who comes in their way or becomes the reason of anger and frustation. Well, whether murder is committed either intentionally or unintentionally, the consequences are always disastrous.  Even the murderers who think that they can escape the punishments as they have left no clue behind also makes the common mistakes that they easily get caught by the police.

Here are some of the common mistakes that murderers do:

Leaving the clue 

Even the smartest of the smart criminal makes atleast one mistake which is enough for their arrest.  In the present time, criminals are advanced and make use of latest technologies to commit the crimes. Therefore, policemen also make use of advanced technologies to trace the criminals. Apart from using advanced murdering weapon to deleting all the clues from the digital sources, criminals do a lot of things like committing another crime or hiding all the evidences, to escape the punishments. Still, criminals leave atleast one clue, due to hurry or fear which makes it easier for the investigators to find the murderer.

Not keeping their mouths shut 

Those who are not the professional murderer often accept their crime in front of one or the other. The perpetrator either in the influence of alcohol or drugs brag about the crime.  Some of the people out of the guilt confess their crime which makes it easier for the police to catch the murderer.

Cracking under the stress of questioning 

A lot of criminals are seen cracking under the stress while questioning.  If a person is suspect then it is sure that police will thoroughly interrogate the suspect by stress questioning. This often enables the criminals to accept their crimes. Sometimes, the policemen lure the criminals by reducing their punishments so that the criminal can crack during the questioning. This helps the police to solve the case easily.

Apart from these, investigation in the correct direction hints the policemen to trace the criminals at the earliest.