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Mysterious death that occur on earth

by Madhvi Bansal
Mysterious death

Death is tragic but it is inevitable part of life. Many people are lucky that they live their full life and then leave the world in their old age however some people die tragically and unnaturally. They are choked to death either in an accident or are murdered by someone. A lot of death mysteries are unknown or solved while there are many deaths that are still mysterious on the Earth.

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Here is one of the mysterious deaths that have left everybody in shocked:

Murder of Arushi Tandon: India’s ‘Arushi Murder Case’ has become the biggest murder mystery in its history. A 14-year old teenager was found dead in her bedroom while his parents were present at home. Initial investigation suspected their servant ‘Hemraj’ for killing Arushi. Later, Hemraj went missing and found dead at the terrace of Arushi’s house a day after the murder of Arushi.  He had succumbed to several injuries on his head and throat was also slit. There were wounds all over his body and the door of the terrace was also locked from inside.

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This led the police to charge Arushi’s parents for allegedly killing Arushi and Hemraj, manipulating statements before police and destroying the evidences.  However, the parents kept on denying the charges imposed by the police. The involvement of Arushi’s parents in the double murder case has been in oscillation from being guilty to innocent.  Allahabad High court too had said that no convictions can be done just on the basis of suspicion.

When this double murder case remained a mystery for police, the case was handed over to CBI.  It first brought, Arushi’s father’s assistant, Krishna as a suspect. Apart from this, the suspicion was also turned on Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal who were the domestic help for Arushi’s father’s close friend and Arushi’s neighbour.

The murder weapon as stated in the post mortem report was a kind of Khukhri. During investigation, a Khukhri was found at Krishna’s house along with the blood stained clothes. This firms the suspicion of CBI on Krishna. However, no crime was proved due to lack of evidences. There were several incidents that were mysterious in the murder case. This also led to an angle of honour killing by Arushi’s parents.

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