COVID-19 Vaccine Shows 90% Effectiveness In Phase-3 Trials, Claims Pfizer

by Shatakshi Gupta

Now, it is going to be an year when all this started, we have been witnessing the spread of this pandemic COVID-19 right from the very beginning, when it started to spread from China and now days or rather months after worsening of situation, there is merely any country which is left untouched from this virus.

Whole world is struggling for making vaccine, whether it be USA, UK, Russia, China or India, so finally here’s some good news. An American Pharmaceutical, multinational giant, Pfizer claimed that the clinical trial results regarding the vaccine have shown some positive signs.  This COVID-19 vaccine, proved effective up to 90% in these human trials phase3. If all the trials go well, then there are very much chances of vaccine to get the green signal by the end of this month.

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Pfizer developed this Coronavirus vaccine in partnership with its German company BioNotech.  Pfizer stated that the corona vaccine was found to be 90% convincing in around 94 different cases during these clinical trials. All of these cases had at least 1 symptom of Covid-19.  As per the company, the vaccine trials are still on in its sustained manner, also it is waiting for its approval anytime soon.  Pfizer will adopt double dose vectin emergency approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this month.  The company is collecting two months of safety data.

Human Trials of 44,000 people 

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Pfizer also informed that, these trials of the Corona vaccine had been conducted on about 44,000 people not only those from the US but also from other countries.  However, this still remains a question that for how long this vaccine can keep an individual immune against the coronavirus. But now no serious safety issues have come up during the clinical trials.

 When vaccine be available and its cost

 Pfizer said that it would produce a total of 5 crore vaccines by the end of this year.  And after 2020, 1.3 billion doses would be manufactured by 2021.  As per the New York Times report, by the end of December, the company will prepare Corona vaccine for one to two crore people.

The US government already made a deal of 100 million doses for $ 1.95 billion with Pfizer, which means that, the two doses of coronavirus vaccine will cost approximately 39 dollars for which turns out to be Rs 2,900. There are also chances that the price might be higher in India.

Vaccine arrival in India

Till now, no official announcements had been made by this American Pharma giant, Pfizer, over bringing this corona vaccine to India. This is due to the storage issues that our country might face in storing this vaccine. This corona vaccine requires special cold storage.  This vaccine stores less than -94 degrees Fahrenheit.  The price of a vaccine in India can be much more than Rs 3000, so it can be a bit difficult to produce on a large scale.