See: Curious case of clouds travel editing images

by Madhvi Bansal
Instagrammer Image

An Instagrammer has become a topic of discussion on Twitter these days after a man notices that she “spookily” has the same clouds in all her photos. Within no time, the account of Tupi Saravia got viral on Instagram when Matt Navarra pointed out that in all her photos there are same clouds. To prove his comment strongly, Matt Navarra also posted a collage of four of her images. The collage shared on August 28, has quickly gained so much of attention that till now it has got more than 16,000 likes, near 5,000 retweets and shared several times.

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The curious case of clouds

Photos of travel Influencer Tupi Saravia on Instagram are not only noticed by Matt Navarra but many other Instagrammers as well. Others noticed about the same thing and tweeted about it. People on Instagram and Twitter had a lot to say about the curious case of clouds. A follower joked, “Those clouds are loyal followers” while another one tweeted “She’s able to influence consumers and weather patterns”. 

Tupi Saravia got the photos edited

After the screenshot of Tupi Saravia’s account got viral on Twitter, she admitted to use photoshop photo editing app for adjusting the clouds in her photos. She told to BuzzFeed News that she has used photoshop for enhancing her photos by imposing cloud into her photos if the camera can’t capture the cloud. She admitted that she has used an app called ‘Quickshot’ to compose the photos when the sky is overexposed or burned. 

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Using the features of Quickshot

According to Tupi, Quickshot is a free and quick photo editing app. It has the feature called Sky Control which puts the clouds into the photos. Saravia said that she used to add the same cloud patterns from the app. Despite other patterns are also available in the app but as she happen to like one so she used to choose the one. She also said that she has always been open about using the Quickshot and other photo editing app to put the cloud. She joked that she is actually the first one to whom the clouds are following everywhere.