Deepika Padukone Attacked for Tiktok challenge on her Chhapaak look

by Madhvi Bansal
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Recently Deepika Padukone has become the center of a social media storm after she was slammed for a TikTok video. She experienced the bad deed with Tiktok.  Deepika Padukone is a famous Bollywood Actress and often big celebrities have to face syndrome of been famous. Internet and Tiktok users attacked her for the Tiktok challenge on her chhapaak look. ‘Chhapaak’ is a very emotional movie based on a true story from the life of victim Laxmi Agarwal. Laxmi Agarwal is an acid attack survivor and Deepika played the role of Laxmi as the protagonist, Malti in this movie. Malti’s fight for justice has been shown in this movie. This movie is being directed by Meghna Gulzar and co-produced by Deepika herself. This movie got a mixed response from critics and audiences.  Deepika came in controversy when she was attacked for Tiktok challenge on her chhapaak look. Her Chhapaak look is an Acid Attacked victim girl. Her face in this movie was attacked with acid.  

In this video, she has been seen giving a TikTok challenge on her ‘Chhapaak look’ to the users and this challenge of her has not gone well with Internet and Tiktok users too. A new video of 39 seconds is going on air on social media. In this video, Deepika is seen asking her make-up artiste Faby to recreates her three favorite looks from her films. Faby recreates her looks from her debut movie “Om Shanti Om” as Shanti, “Piku” as Piku and Malti in “Chhapaak” and Faby rapidly creates all her three looks from her movies one by one. Faby completes the challenge given to her by Deepika. Internet and Tiktok users slammed her as she touches a sensitive subject in a very funny way. People criticized her by saying to her that she made fun of a very sensitive issue of Acid attack. She proved that it was merely make up for her and she clearly does not understand the depth of what acid survivors go through. Internet users are attacking Deepika for making fun of her look in ‘Chhapaak’ movie as Malti. This movie is based on a very sensitive issue and connects emotionally with many people but when Deepika made it merely a stupid challenge to show their useless talent people started attacking her. Tiktok is a video sharing social networking service. It is a musical App. It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talented videos. This App was launched in 2017. This App is in trend nowadays. It is available in various languages. This App has become the first choice of commoners as well as celebrities. Celebrities are fond of this App. This App is giving name and fame to many people, but in the same way, it can also ruin the image of people. Many people have been slammed for their acts on Tiktok.

People criticized her by saying Acid attack survivor’s faces are not ‘looks’ for makeup artists to try on for a few minutes to showcase their talent.

A user said “Carrying scars is not ‘a look’ you sick.”

While another User slammed Deepika by saying “This is sick beyond imagination. This is demeaning of every acid victim. @deepikapadukone should apologize immediately, and the other one said how the film was not about her make-up and that it was about a “woman scarred for life.” “This promo isn’t cool or cute. It’s insensitive and ghastly.”

User @smitabarooah tweeted this movie wasn’t about you and your make up. It was about a woman scarred for life, and victims like her, whose marks can’t be wiped off, unlike your make up. You lost the plot.


User @vikrantkumar asked her “WTF is an acid victim look?”

User @shruti2909 said how in the world an acid attacked face can be her favorite look? This is disgusting. Goes on to show how less they care about this issue. Everything they are doing is just for the money’.

A person said that Deepika’s Tiktok video is crass and insensitive. She is a victim of mental illness, expected better from her. I will never be able to admire and respect her again.

Many people said that this challenge is really disrespectful to acid attack victims. Acid attack victim is not a ‘look’. People are very disappointed with this challenge of Deepika Padukone on Tik Tok. People used to praise her and adore her for her acting and beauty. Today same people are slamming her for her challenge on such a sensitive issue. People used to respect her for her vision and empowerment but now the same people disrespect her for making fun of Acid attack survivors. Deepika is a famous Bollywood actress who has gained the love and support of people from time to time. People madly love her but the same people hate her now for her stupid tik tok challenge on her Chhapaak look.

People are saying that being a civilian and a human it was not expected from her. She is a very emotional and mature actress in the entire film industry. Some days ago when students of JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University), Delhi were attacked by some riots and they were badly in pain, Deepika went to JNU campus to meet students. She was the only celebrity to stand in solidarity with students. She heard the pain of students of JNU. This was the brilliant move of Deepika as a civilian. Students of JNU also thanked Deepika for her support and stand. Deepika is the very emotional and mature person to handle anti-social deeds and she has been always first to help needy people that’s why it was not expected from her to throw a stupid challenge on Tiktok to show their useless talent. She is always in limelight for her good acting, fashion and social service but now she is in limelight for her insensitive behavior of endorsing a makeup Tiktok Challenge which she gave to her make-up artist.