Deepika Padukone Trolled for Turning Chhapaak Look Into TikTok Challenge

by Madhvi Bansal

Bollywood celebrities take no time both to win the hearts of millions of people and to become the troll for those people only. Every now and then Bollywood celebrities are being trolled on social media. Recently, Deepika Padukone is trapped in a world of a troll by her fans. She recorded a TikTok video in different looks. She asked her to make up an artist to recreate her looks from Om Shanti Om, Piku and her latest film Chhapak. However, this backfired to her as people did not appreciate her for calling acid attack victim’s face as a “look”. The Internet is calling this act of Deepika disgusting.

Favorite looks of Deepika

A promotional short video on TikTok has given the reason for social media users to attack Deepika. She has thrown the video on TikTok by the name @faby_makeupartist. In the video she is seen telling the makeup artist Fabythat she wants to challenge Faby for recreating her three favorite looks. She asked Faby to recreate the looks which she had in three of her favorite films including Om Shanti Om, Piku and Chhapak. In a 39-second TikTok Challenge, on the beats of peppy music, Faby goes on recreating Deepika’s faces one by one.

Deepika just wanted to about her memorable roles

With a short TikTok video, the actress just wanted to give the message to everyone that her role in the movie Chhapak is one of her favorite and memorable roles she had played. Social Media, however, couldn’t keep calm in this video. No sooner the video was posted on TikTok it was trolled by the user name Dr Smokiee on Twitter. There had been a shower of Tweets against Deepika for saying acid attack victim’s face as a look.  Well, on reaction over being trolled by the social media, Deepika said that she just wanted to let her fans know about her memorable roles. She doesn’t intend to hurt somebody’s sentiments or make a mock of the acid attack victim.

Chhapak is a real story


Deepika has touched a new fleet of success when she took the decision to play the role of an acid attack victim in a film. Meghna Gulzar’s Chhapak is inspired by the real-life story of an acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal who has won the hearts with her courage and the spirit to transform her life. Laxmi Agarwal, born in a middle-class family in Delhi, when fifteen years old dreamt of becoming a singer one day. Naeem Khan, aged 32 years, wanted to marry her however she kept on refusing her advanced. In 2005, she was accosted by Naeem who attacked her with acid while she was on her way to a bookshop. She writhed in pain on the street until a taxi driver came for her help. The taxi driver took her to the Safdurgunj Hospital for treatment.

The terrific incident told by Laxmi


Laxmi, an acid attack survivor, in an interview said that she had felt as if someone had set her whole body on fire. She could see her skin dripping off from her hands and face. She was there in the hospital for more than three months during which she had undergone multiple surgeries. Laxmi added that a nurse used to bring a bowl of water every morning to help her freshen up. She says that she just tries to catch the glimpse of her face as a reflection in the water. All she could see is the bandage on her face.  However, on seeing her face after the surgeries, she was completely devastated. She wondered as if she had no face to speak of. Such a terrific story of Laxmi insisted the social media trolls to get high against Deepika Padukone when she calls Laxmi’s acid attacked face as ‘a look’.

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Tweets trolled Deepika for taking TikTok challenge

Right after Deepika posted her video on TikTok, millions of social media users took a troll against her. Some of the negative comments to the promotional brainwave by Deepika are:

“You do a movie on an acid attack victim, cry in every other promotional event n now this below the belt challenge where an acid attack face is her fav!” tweeted @Sharanyashettyy.

“Carrying scars is not “a look” you sick @deepikapadukone.”

Another user @shruti2909 mentioned, “How in the world an acid attacked face can be her favorite look?? This is disgusting. Goes on to show how less they care about this issue. Everything they are doing is just for the money”.

“This is sick beyond imagination. This is demeaning of every acid victim. @deepikapadukone should apologize immediately,” tweeted user @HarjeetR.

 Twitter user @arpankaushik wrote, “I am disgusted that I once liked this lady”.

“This promo isn’t cool or cute. It’s insensitive and ghastly. The movie wasn’t about you and your make up. It was about a woman scarred for life. And victims like her, whose marks can’t be wiped off, unlike your make up. You lost the plot,” tweeted @smitabarooah.

Similarly, there are many more comments by the users on the video posted by Deepika Padukone with her makeup artists Faby. There are many of her fans who have tweeted that Deepika’s video promotion has impacted their admiration for her and they really don’t expect such kind of videos from their favorite Bollywood diva. TikTok’s video of Deepika with Faby is among one of the videos made by Deepika for the promotion of her latest film Chhapak that is touching the sentiments of the public.

Chhapak received a mild response

Well, in reference to the success of Chhapak in the box office, it can be said that it has received a mild response from the audience. This film was released on January 10, 2020, and in the first week, it has critically minted Rs 26 crore approximately. However, by January 20, 2020, the film was able to make Rs 58.48 crore. The revenue till January 20, 2020, is almost double the amount in which the film was made. So, it can be said that Chhapak has not lost any money. Trolls on Deepika’s video not really have affected the revenue of the film.