Dharma Production’s Gunjan Saxena Is Again In The controversy; Women Commission’s Chairperson Demanded A Ban On Movie

by TrendingNews Desk

Janhvi Kapoor’s film Gunjan Saxena is in constant controversy since the release of its poster for one or the other reason. Earlier, the Indian Air Force has raised objections about the film.  The Air Force has also complained to the Censor Board.  The film is also constantly opposed to social media.  Meanwhile, Chairperson of the National Women Commission Rekha Sharma has demanded a ban on screening of the film.

Rekha Sharma has spoken on the controversy related to the film Gunjan Saxena in a tweet.  She wrote, ‘If this is true, then the makers of the film should apologize and the screening should also be stopped.  Why should any such film be seen if the wrong image of the Indian force is shown in it, that too when all these are lies.’

Earlier Rekha Sharma tweeted, ‘The real Gunjan Saxena should come out and clarify whether the gender discrimination shown in the film is genuine?  Being from an army background, I can never imagine the defence officers being treated like goons.  Whether an officer or not, women are always respected in the army.’

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Air Force wrote the letter                         

 A few days ago the Air Force sent this letter to Netflix and Dharma Productions in addition to the censor board.  The letter wrote, “As per the initial agreement, Dharma Production had said that the honour of the Indian Air Force would be maintained in the film.  It was also ensured that the film would inspire the coming generations to join the Air Force.”

  It had suggested that production houses should obtain a NOC from the ministry before telecasting any film, documentary or web series on an Army theme.

The ministry had received some complaints raising strong objections about the portrayal of Indian Army personnel and the military uniform in an insulting manner.

Who is Gunjan Saxena?

 Gunjan Saxena film is based on the first female pilot named Gunjan Saxena to be involved in the Kargil war.  She was awarded the Shaurya Vir Award for her courage in the 1999 war. After this, she became popular as ‘ Kargil Girl’. The Air Force says that discrimination is not done on the basis of gender in the army and everyone is given equal opportunity.  Among the three armies, the Air Force was the first to commission women officers in other departments besides the medical branch.