Creating History: All Four Pageant World Titles Won By Black Women

by Madhvi Bansal

 The native South African Zozibini Tunzi winning the title Miss Universe for the year 2019, history was created last Sunday night. A black woman winning the title is something that we do not witness often for various reasons. Here it is a completely new scenario. It is not just the Miss Universe title that was grabbed by a black native woman, but all the top 4 Pageant titles including Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and finally the Miss Universe. 

After winning the title ‘Miss Universe’, Tunzi expressed her true emotions while giving interviews. In one of the interviews, she said it felt fantastic to win the pageant world title. She also added that she comes from a world that is divided into the core and not often someone like her gets the title or celebrated this way in the past. She also feels final now the time has come and people are witnessing the greatness that is there always in them. 

This year has been so special, as we are witnessing the history that has been made by all the black women. Nia Franklin was crowned the title Miss America this year; Cheslie Kryst won the Miss USA 2019 and Kaleigh Garris won the title Miss Teen USA. 

Social media is full of wishes for the new Miss Universe. Even some of the top celebrities including Michelle Obama shared their praise to the title winner through social media. Apart from Michelle, Oprah Winfrey also praised the winner with a personalized voice note. In her note, she praised the way Tunzi spoke about the need for teaching leadership quality to young girls. This new pageant title winner also believes that she representing the black women and winning the title Miss Universe can help break all the stereotypes. 

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