Google’s New Android 11 Is Coming With These Bugs, Check Here

by Shatakshi Gupta

Every year Google brings an upgrade for its Android operating system and before rolling out the new update for all devices, it is tested thoroughly before. Despite rigorous attempts to fix all the bugs before the release of OS, the new Android 11 has brought a lot of bugs. 

Users have started receiving the update of the new Android 11 and with it, a lot of problems are also appearing out.  According to the reports, due to bugs, users are facing difficulty in multitasking.  The issue is that users are not able to open the recent apps by swiping up on their screen.  Apart from this, many smartphone users have reported strange moving zoom effects.  Ensuring which the crashed app cannot be reopened.  The issue regarding multitasking is annoying almost all Pixel devices users, who received Android 11 update.  Multiple users have reported problems on various social media platforms including Pixel Community Forum. 

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On the Android 11 Support Forum, users have mentioned about these bugs and many temporary fixes have also come out.  Some users shared their experience and told that the problem is fixed when the phone is locked and unlocked, however, there are problems that persist even after this and it is not a long-term solution. 

Much needed new Patch

Reports said that this is not the first time that Android 11 has seen problems.  Many users have earlier reported that their system apps such as music player and camera were also crashing.  However, initially, it was believed that such problems were only seen in the developer’s beta version and would be fixed in stable build but this did not happen.

Android OS has this drawback since starting, but the good thing is that Google will fix it in new patches update OTA.