How GenZ is the new change towards the way we live?

by Meghashree Das

Introduction to an informative and factual blog post titled “Generation Z”

People born between the early nineties and the mid-2000s are Generation Z. They are a generation who learned about technology at an early age, have been exposed to terrorism, grew up during a time of economic instability, and are extremely connected to each other in their social relationships. This is one of my favorite articles because it talks about not just how Generation Z will change the world but also why they deserve our respect.

Generation Z is going to be changing the world – why we should listen

Gen Y may have recently taken over as the entrepreneurial kings (whatever that means) but here comes Generation Z – ready or not. Gen Zers are coming into the workforce and taking over in a way which I am sure is hard to comprehend as an adult. While Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y all had to wait tables or clean hotel rooms when they were young, the young adults of Generation Z will be starting their own businesses from day one.

Gen Z is going to be different than generations before them because they appreciate individuality and are very comfortable with it. They have grown up with the internet, social media and technology so they do not see it as a barrier between them and other people but rather a tool to connect. The young adults of today are comfortable with being themselves, no matter who that is.

The fact that they have grown up with technology will be very apparent when Generation Z enters the workforce and does things in their own way. They will have different expectations, different ideas about work life balance, and different desires for success. They will be used to instant gratification, so they will expect to climb the corporate ladder fast. They also have a desire for purpose not money which sets them apart from past generations as well.

“Generation Z are going to inherit a world which we older folks have screwed up. They’re going to have to fix it.” -Tom Slee

How will the generation Z impact the economy?

Generation Z will inherit the great economic recession of 2008 and the numerous terrorist attacks across the world. They are going to be anxious about the future, but I believe they will be the generation who are able to overcome these obstacles and make tomorrow better than today. The fact that this generation has grown up with technology means they can use it as a tool to further their own personal, social and economic development. This is the best thing that could have happened to them because they understand how it works and are able to put it to good use for themselves.

Times have changed since World War II where hard work and persistence were enough. If their parents’ generation wanted success they had to work hard and be persistent, but Generation Z is missing out on that experience. As the first generation with social media at their disposal, Generation Z will have a great deal of access to information about the world, but also about themselves. They can read blogs, look up celebrities and sites that discuss problems of all kinds and learn from those issues.

They are not as concerned about appearance or other superficial things like past generations because they have the opportunity to openly discuss their successes or failures through social media – something no previous generation has had or is willing to admit they need.

This generation has grown up in a world of extreme wealth and poverty, instability and mass uncertainty so they are going to be the generation who change that. As they enter the workforce they will have a chance to turn things around because of their ability to be self-sufficient, their desire for purpose and their comfort in being themselves.

How stronger will be the new generation’s motives?

Generation Z is going to be different from previous generations and it is going to make them stronger. This generation is fearless since they have nothing to loose, which means they can do anything if given the opportunity to do so. They have grown up with technology as an integral part of their lives meaning there are fewer barriers between them and other people. Finally, they desire for purpose not money meaning their intentions will be less self-centered and more focused on helping the world.

Why Generation Z will change the world:

Generation Z is driven by hope, not fear. They have this idea of a better tomorrow, a brighter future, and they are willing to do anything to make that happen. They are unafraid to take risks or say something different because they have social media at their disposal and if they fail it won’t matter since it is available for everyone else in the world to see. There is no worry about being judged or ridiculed by peers because they can just “unfollow” someone who says something negative about them or vice versa. There is no worry about someone seeing a picture of them on vacation and making comments about it. This generation can be vulnerable and free in a way previous generations could never be without fear. They are willing to put themselves out there in a way no previous generation has ever had the opportunity to do.

Generation Z is the most educated generation that has ever lived, by far. As of 2013, they had the largest number of high school graduates and the highest university enrollment rate in history with 43% enrolled in university studies. Previous generations simply do not have this level of access to higher education or even information about it because of economic hardship or lack of interest.