Twitter faces biggest cyber attack; Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and many more accounts hacked

by Shatakshi Gupta

All of us are well aware that if social have pros at the same time it also has a number of cons too. This can be well seen with the recently occurred cyber attack, which is actually one of the biggest cyber-attack on Twitter. Many high profile Twitter accounts such as those of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Kanye West and so on have been hacked. 

More specifically hacked Twitter handles include those of American leader Joe Biden; Tesla CEO, Elon Musk; Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates; founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and also many more important accounts of Apple.  After these Twitter handles were hacked a special message was posted from these accounts.  A link was posted to on each of the above mentioned accounts asking for bitcoins. This message also had bait mentioning of doubling the Bitcoins from $1000 to $2000.

Actually this hacking is more a bitcoin scam. These posts made from the hacked accounts demanded money in bitcoins and claimed to be doubled.  The tweet from Bill Gates’s account said, ‘Everyone has been asking me to return to society, now that the time has come.  You send me one thousand dollars; I will send you two thousand dollars back. ‘

The tweet posted from the account of Tesla Chief, Elon Musk, also said that the money sent in bitcoin will be doubled and returned within the next one hour.  The link with the address of bitcoin was written in the tweet, ‘I am donating due to the COVID-19 epidemic.’  These tweets were deleted within minutes of being posted.

In addition, accounts of the famous American rapper, Kanye West; model and actress Kim Kardashian; former President, Barack Obama; Democratic Party presidential candidate, Joe Biden, accounts of Uber and Apple among the world’s biggest companies were also hacked.

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 All the accounts that were targeted have millions of followers.  Twitter came into action after the high profile account was hacked.  Twitter support tweeted, ‘You will not be able to tweet now and change your password.  We are investigating this.

Remind you that, Bitcoin is the first crypto currency in the world, specially created for the digital world and money transactions can be kept secret.

 The biggest thing is that no bank or third party help is required for this.  That is, if someone has to send money, then that money can be directly transferred from your Bitcoin Wallet to another person’s Bitcoin account. There is no regulation over the transactions which are made through Bitcoins.