How The New Policy Of WhatsApp Will Affect You?

by Shatakshi Gupta

The new year has started with new terms and conditions for WhatsApp users. If the conditions are not accepted, then one cannot use WhatsApp further. The deadline to accept these terms and conditions is till February 8 to think about whether to accept the terms or not.

Worldwide, more than 200 million users use WhatsApp.  Many questions related to these conditions must be arising in your mind. Let us see, some of these questions regarding new policy of WhatsApp.

What is the new policy of WhatsApp?

 WhatsApp is getting updates of new terms and privacy policy. It has been written that users will have to take this policy. It will be necessary to Agree after this date.  If you do not agree then you will not be able to use the account.  For this you can visit the help centre. Right now the option of ‘agree’ and ‘Not Now’ is available in the policy.

 It says that the company can upload, submit, store, send or receive content to WhatsApp to operate our services, the company can use, reproduce, distribute and display them anywhere.

Why did WhatsApp take such a decision?

 After approving this policy, WhatsApp will be able to access the data of more than 200 million users. That is, WhatsApp will also be able to share its data with other platforms. In the notification of the new policy, company has clearly written that now WhatsApp will share every information of yours with its parent company Facebook and Instagram. That is, WhatsApp can also earn money using its users’ data.

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How will the policy affect the user?                                            

 It is now clear that if you use WhatsApp then this policy has to be accepted. That is, you will have to share your data with WhatsApp even if you do not want to. That is, WhatsApp will now keep a close watch on your data and your privacy will be completely lost. 

WhatsApp will track your bank name, amount and location. With this, Facebook-Instagram will also know your financial transactions.  The company will be profiling you through transaction volume. Then you will start seeing advertisements commensurately to your expenses.

IP address and location will be traced

WhatsApp has given the option that users can disable their location access. However, it has also said that the IP address and mobile number will give you an idea of ​​when and where you go.

 Status is also now under scanner

WhatsApp will also read your status. In such a case if you put your status with desire to buy something, Facebook-Instagram will also read it and you will start seeing ads of that product. Just like if you wrote – where should you go to roam. Then many social media related advertisements will come on your social page.

There will also be an eye on your calls

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The company will know how many WhatsApp calls do you make? Which group is more active? How much is the broadcast list? Forwarding photos and videos will store more time on the server. Company will know which content is getting more forward. This information will be important at the time of tracking fake news and elections. WhatsApp will also have access to catalogues shared with the business account.

Should we the policy be accepted?

 The new policy is going to have a profound effect on the privacy of the user. That is, as soon as you sign a new policy of the company, you will also give the rights to access your data. The problem is that if you want to use WhatsApp then it is necessary to Agree the policy. Because after February 8, the policy will have to be accepted. If you do not accept, then WhatsApp account will be deleted.