Try These 5 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks; These Will Help You In Day To Day Usage

by Shatakshi Gupta

Millions of users use WhatsApp every day, despite this many people are not aware of its interesting and useful tricks. Today we are going to tell you five such WhatsApp tricks, which are of great use and people hardly know about them. 

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Can listen to the audio message like voice call

Voice messages sent to you on WhatsApp cannot be heard in public. People often search privacy to listen such voice messages.  But now you will be able to listen to these voice messages, without letting others hear. For this, you do not need any earphones. All you need to do is to play the voice message and move the phone close to your ears, as you do for a call. By doing this, the proximity sensor of the phone will switch the audio from the main speaker to the earpiece, so that the sound will be heard only to you.

Send photos without reducing its resolution        

 When you send a photo on WhatsApp, the app resizes it accordingly.  This causes the original quality of the photo to decrease. If you are also struggling with this problem, then here is the trick to deal with it. For this, you have to send photos through ‘Document’.  While sending the photo, go to the attachment in the chat, do not tap on photo, rather tap on the document . After this, from the browse document, you can select the photos that you want to send in the original resolution.

You can delete media files at once from group or contact chat

Some contacts or groups become a burden on the storage of your phone because you keep such media files which are of no use to you. WhatsApp gives you the option to delete media from a particular chat.

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For this, you have to go to WhatsApp Settings, then click ‘Data and storage usage’, under it select ‘Manage Storage’.  You will see all the chats in order, according to media size.  Tapping on chat will show media files for that group or contact, you can select them one by one or delete them all together.

Can save chats on Gmail forever

You can also send WhatsApp chat to anyone via email, if you want, you can save important WhatsApp chats to your personal Gmail account and save it forever. 

For this, you have to go to WhatsApp settings and go to the export chat given inside the chat history.  Here you can select the contact whose chat you want to save on email. You can also decide here whether you want to export chats with media files or without media files.

Limit the data used in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has an option to restrict the data used by it.  For this, go to WhatsApp Settings, then select ‘Data and storage usage’. In this, You can select which type of media you want to download automatically, or when using mobile data, WiFi or roaming, you can give different permission accordingly. When you tap on any one, you will get the option to select media (photo, audio, video and document).