Know, Why ‘Verified Calls’ Feature Of Google Is Ahead Of TrueCaller?

by Shatakshi Gupta

Tech giant Google has brought a new feature named ‘Verified Calls’ for Android users.  With the help of this feature, users will know who is calling them as well as what is the reason for calling? Besides, caller logo will also show on screen.  At present, this special feature has been launched in five countries including India on pilot basis.  This feature will give users information about spam calls.

 Fake calls will be controlled

 According to the company, the purpose of launching this special feature is to curb fake phone calls.  This feature of Google has been rolled out in India, Brazil, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and America.  Not only this, the verified batch of business will also appear on the number verified by Google. 

Google’s new feature will also tell users what is the reason for making a business call to them.  So far this feature is not present in the TrueCaller app.  Google told through a blog post that its initial results have been very impressive and users will definitely benefit from it.

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Google cited a 2019 FTC report that found that phone calls were the number one way people reported being contacted by scammers. “While most people said they hung up on those calls, those who lost money reported a average loss of $1,000. Spam and scam calls erode trust in businesses and increase costs to consumers,” Google noted.

 How to use this special feature?

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 In addition to the devices of Google’s Pixel series, the Google Phone app works by default dialer in many Android phones.  The new feature will come with the next updates in all these phones.  If the Google Phone app is not installed in your phone, then download it easily from Google Play.

 No need to Install Third-Party Apps

  Till now the feature of call detection is available only in TrueCaller, which tells the information about the unknown calls.  After arrival of this feature, you will be able to detect unknown calls through Google Verified Calls.  With the introduction of this feature in the Google phone app, the desired task will be much easier as users would not need third party app.