WhatsApp Is Bringing You The Bunch Of Some New Features

by Shatakshi Gupta

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging platform.  To keep alive the interest of the users in this platform, the company constantly brings new features as well as works to improve the existing features as well.  Facebook-owned messenger is going to have many new features.  Although many new features are going to join this platform in the coming time, the most awaited of these is the WhatsApp Pay feature which will be launched in India soon. The upcoming features of the WhatsApp are:

PIP Support for Share Chat Videos

 PIP means Picture in Picture support for sharechat videos on WhatsApp.  Once launched, users will also be able to watch Sharechat videos in Picture-in-Picture mode like YouTube.

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WhatsApp Pay

 This is the most awaited feature of WhatsApp.  WhatsApp has received approval from the Reserve Bank of India for this feature.  After which it is believed that the company will soon launch this feature in India. Using this feature you can transfer money through WhatsApp.

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 Customizable wallpapers

 After the launch of this feature, users will be able to set different wallpapers for different chats.  Right now the same wallpaper can be set for all chat windows.  The company is currently testing it on the iOS platform.

 Search the web

 WhatsApp has added this feature to Android and iOS on its platform.  Through this feature, a lot of fake news can be countered.  With this feature, users will be able to search for any message directly on the Internet.

 Expiring message

 This feature has been discussed for a long time.  It is believed that the company will launch this feature soon.  Through this feature, users can set the time for deletion of any message.