Have you heard the SCREAM?

by Madhvi Bansal

Scream is an American anthology horror series that is premiered on television series. This web series is basically a television adaptation of a movie. This horror series has three parts.  The first two parts were based in a fictional town of Lakewood where the string murders were committed. At the centre of the murders that took place, Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald) a teenager girl got tied to the dark past of the town. 

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 The story  of the series

The third series of Scream introduced a new casts and set. In the rebooted last series, Keke Palmer, RJ Cyler, Tyga, C.J. Wallace, Giorgia Whigham, Giullian Yao Gioiello, Jessica Sula and Tyler Posey are there and have done a wonderful job. In the series, a high school student is murdered as a result of cyber-bullying. The violence got stirred up to the memories of 21-years old that has haunted and intrigued others. Secret girlfriend of Audrey is murdered by someone who tried to portray the scene as a suicide. Her death raises various questions and become the reason of rift between Audrey and Emma. The killer harasses Emma and challenges her to become a part of deadly game. 

 The killer impersonates Tyler that led the Riley to guess if he is alive or not. The cyber connection of Jake and Will to Nina’s death led their futures in danger. The killer claimed that Riley is his last victim. Riley’s murder shocked everyone in the town. Brooke too felt guilty for leaving her alone at the station.  

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The killer henceforth hints Emma that led her to Audrey and Noah to search for the answers. This led them to an abandoned hospital. Emma, Noah, and Audrey at the hospital find lots of evidences and killer’s liar. Tyler also dies in a car accident but Emma, Noah and Audrey are unable to find his head. Later his head was found rotting at the hospital and right then they were caught by the police. Noah and Audrey then found a video of Emma and Will in Nina’s laptop that was about their first sex. This video was later leaked.

Will turns into a piper after he was betrayed by Jake. After ‘Will’ returns the blackmailed money, he is attacked by the killer. Emma, Jake, Brooke and Noah reached the bowling alley that was abandoned.  There they played the deadly game of hide and seek as they desperately started searching for Will. The killer then unsuccessfully attacks Brook while the group managed to save Will. However, Will was killed that left Emma in horror. Emma also learned about some secrets of her mother which was heartbreaking for her. Many other events occur that created horror and mysteries in Emma’s life and make the series interesting for the audience.

Story behind the horror series GHOUL

GHOUL is the brand new horror series on Netflix starring Radhika Apte.  This is one of the horror movies that have set new precedents for the horror movies with its cinematically rich elements.  This is a three part series in which the entry of supernatural Ghoul like creature in military controlled facility is explored. 

 Movie that seems familiar

The movie Ghoul is said to be set in the dystopian future that can seems familiar to many people. The set is around Meghdoot-31 which is the detention centre for terrorists. There the terrorists are interrogated, tortured and murdered. Along with the perpetrators who kill the civilians, protestors, religion party leaders and religion fanatics are also the face of terror in the country. Nida Rahim (Radhika Apte) is a Muslim girl at a paramilitary school. She is picked by Meghdoot-31 for the interrogation of a deadly terrorist.  The reason she was picked is that she turned her father in for spreading the ‘anti national thoughts’ by imparting seditious literature to his students. 

Horror in Ghoul begins at the beginning

You can experience the sense of fear when you watch the three extremely fast-paced episodes of GHOUL. In the beginning, you will see that lots of questions are put up by Major Das and others over the religion of Nida till she was asked to interrogate a terrorist-Ali Saeed on the premises. The terrorist whom Nida has to interrogate is actually a Ghoul. He feeds off insecurity and guilt. Later, all the faculty members in the basement turn on each other and the way to hell opens up for them as the Ghoul picks and kills his target. 

Does Ghoul actually created the horror?

 Ghoul is a home-grown horror story that will not only terrify the domestic audience but the international audience too will feel the terror. Element of fear is predictably scary i n the characterisation of Ghoul. However, the actual horror elements which are expected by the audience were missing. There are several questions with which you can be left after watching the third series of this movie. Hence, either there are some flaws in writing the story of this series or it is a trick by the producers to let the audience curious to get the answers in the next series.